Monday, January 28, 2008


I met Gretchen and her two boys in the Palermo yesterday. I decided to walk there since it was a beautiful day and because I figure that i can learn more about the city by walking. I found this cute little cheese shop with wine which ultimately drew me in after our lunch. No cheese, but the wine was fantastic!
She took me to the Palermo which is an up and coming area in Buenos Aires. It was trendy, hip and I felt out of place in my traveling clothes with my back pack. Not much to comment on here. I am almost ready to burn most of my belongings, but for now, I need them.
Anyways, lunch was great and i enjoyed meeting Bryn´s cousin. I know her sister, Heidi, from Denver and it made me homesick for not only family, but friends, too. My friend, Teja from Slovenia, told me that at the 3 month mark, she was homesick and I think she is right. I definitely had twinges of wanting to see familiar people in my life. Plus, I miss some of the most mundane things--Burt´s Bees face cream, good peanut butter, shampoo and yes, normal feminine hygiene products. They do not have the ones that i prefer here. I understand the not having organic ones available, but couldn´t they at least have some variety?
Today, I hope to go to the Eva Peron museum and walk around the Recoleta area and figure out when I will head to the Mendoza. I would like to go to Iguaza Falls, but OFF is doing nothing in terms of protecting me against mosquitoes. I am a walking advertisement for bites at this point. Any suggestions on how to end this crisis???
Enjoy the snow and cold. The weather here is humid and very much like growing up in the midwest for summers. I prefer a more dry heat, you know???

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