Wednesday, January 30, 2008

trade offs...

In exchange for an item i was in desparate need of, I had to listen to this chick talk about herself for the past 4 hours. She is never wrong. I think I would like to send her a book called--for those of us who are never wrong and love to hear ourselves talk. Seriously, she is making me crazy. And of course, she isn´t ancient--she told me this last night--she´s just 23. Lovely!
I am off to the south with a new agenda and positive happy thoughts of better people. I understand common courtesy, but no, not everyone wants to listen to your opinions of what you think you know all of the time. She had a view of everything and wouldn´t contemplate a difference. Frustrating...enough of the negativity.
I had a pleasant evening with the lovely Braziliian girl and shared a bottle of wine. She is interesting and I liked that she made me feel comfortable with my spanish. I am definitely being forced to learn more.


Andrew said...

i don't know why you put up with talking with me for four hours....i didn't have ANYTHING you wanted!

it's been cold here in canada. -25c (that's -13f....i looked it up, just for you)

cape town seems a long way away.

hope you are well.


harmony said...

i was wondering how you were. Thanks for blogging me. Not true, I needed you to go to Table Mountain with me so that I wouldn´t get attacked, remember???
I miss Cape Town. After you left, James was broke for a few days and increasingly annoying since he could only drink hot tea. Unfortunately on his last day, he found a lady and had money, but had to go back to Ireland. Isn´t that how it always is?
Keep in touch.