Sunday, January 27, 2008

heat + mossies=no sleep....

I relocated to a hostel about 2 blocks from the first one. I like it here, but it is so flipping hot that I cannot sleep. I feel, at times, that I am on a safari and will not be cool again.
I explored part of the city yesterday after my siesta. I am able to sleep during the day due to the quiet and coolness of the hostel. I think since everyone parties here at night that it is due to rising body temperatures. Anyways, I walked to the Plaza de mayo which was the meeting place for the mothers and grandmothers who wanted to know where the disappeared were during the Dirty Wars of the 80's. To me it is a sacred place, filled with emotion, inspiration and history. I started walking there and most of the streets were blocked off which I felt was odd since it was a saturday night. Anyways, as I approached the plaza, I see Jonathan Rhys Meyer, an actor, and realize that they are filming a movie in front of the plaza and that is why they have blocked off the road. I was surprised and felt it was wrong only due to the importance of that particular plaza to me.
I enjoyed watching people approach the plaza and be moderately confused as to why the streets were blocked off.
I had awesome pizza the other night, near my hostel. It was awesome and super cheap. I think that it was 85 cents a slice.
I am figuring out when I will head to the Mendoza as well as when I will go to Cordoba or Iguiza Falls. It is a quandary since there is so much to do and I only have 3 weeks.
I am meeting Gretchen today. She is a distant relative and I am excited to speak english with someone from the states. Although I met some others from New Jersey yesterday and they basically annoyed me since they refused to try to speak spanish. Actually, they assumed as I was from here which i did not understand. I mean, i have not met many tall blonds from Argentina. Most people assume that I am German which works out sometimes. I can just act like I do not understand when they approach me with i love you...Well, take care. I am enjoying the free internet provided by most hostels as well as the breakfast. For the most part, everything is fantastic in that realm.


Shari said...

I did my research on Uruguay and now I'm not sure you are going there. I looked up about 10 vineyards and only 2 had english versions. I couldn't read the Pisano sight, but I like their photos. I believe it was the first one to show the beautiful grapes. I think you should look that one up if you go there. The tasting rooms and cellars looked very interesting. I believe it's near the city of Canelones. Also the Filgueira vineyard looked very nice.

There is not much happening here. Tom and I are getting ready for our trip to Yellowstone. We leave Friday.

I will e-mail soon.

Stay Cool and I will see you soon.
Love, Shari

harmony said...

thanks for the research. I am still undecided on my trip here. I know that i want to go to the mendoza and possibly Iguaza Falls or Cordoba. Since i am under regular attack by mosquitoes, I do not think that I want to venture into a rainforest here since the OFF does not stop them from liking me. It is very frustrating.
Have a safe trip to Yellowstone. I went with the family for vacation and vividly remember stopping for coffee ice cream. They gave us a huge cone and Jade dropped hers immediately. I remember her crying and my parents not buying a new one. I know, childhood safe!!!