Tuesday, January 29, 2008

solo en espanol...

I am trying to think in spanish as a way to help my vocabularly-understanding. It is a bit frustrating that no one speaks english, but in the long run, it is very helpful to me. I mean, really, I have 6 more weeks here and should be a pro by the time I return to Denver. Watch out Bull & Bush kitchen---i will now understand your insults-mockeries.
I met a couple from New Jersey today at the Museum of Fine Arts. They were retired and mentioned that they had met several people from the US and were surprised. I am not. I mean, the dollar is strong here and it makes sense to travel here. Plus, they are in an area where everyone is a tourist, thus, they run across many native english speakers. For example, there are Christian Dior Stores, Hugo Boss, etc in the Recoleta. Yes, it is trendy and yes there are Americans. I prefer the more native route with locals.
I went to the Evita Museum and it was brilliant. I read the text in Spanish and enjoyed the tribute to Eva Peron. I am convinced that I need to read more spanish and I will improve. I am hoping to meet Shari in Costa Rica and have no issues with the language. I want her to drive though. I am a horrible manual driver and fear for other drivers when I am on the road!!!
Maybe I will dream in spanish tonight.
Manana, yo ir a sur para 24 horas....very fun for me. I will miss you all, but hopefully will check this before I leave. My bus leaves at 1 pm....


Robin said...

Hi Harmony-About now I would give anything for mosquitoes and heat, it is so cold today and the wind is wickedly cold. Some of our buses to and from work dont have heat so I have to make sure I get on the one that does!! I took a cross county ski lesson last Thursday when the temp was hoovering around 1ish, the first hour was brutal on my toes and fingers. Once we started skiing I warmed up right away. We came up on top of this hill to see a gourgous sight of the moon and tree tops. That instanstly hooked me on the trails out there. They have lighted trails for night skiers, I cant wait to head out again.

We are leaving on Saturday for Mazatlan with my hubby (still not used to that) and my best friend Joyce and her hubby. Cant wait. WE get home about midnight, I have class on Sunday and then off to the airport for Jacksonville FL for training for work.

Stef and I are going shopping tomorrow night for a bed for the babyboy!! I really wanted her to have the essentials before I left in case the little guy comes early. She had a shower on Saturday, Erik's sister put it on, and all the guests were so generous. And very nice people.

Enjoy your warm warm weather and no snow......


harmony said...

yes, I do not miss the cold. I am not enjoying the mossies, but I prefer them over the snow/cold. At least I can still wear shorts.
I have not been to Mazatlan, but have heard that it is a beautiful beach and the people are pleasant. Have fun, drink a pina colada--for me, it is a must if I am in Mexico, at least one--and enjoy the vacation.
I am loving Buenos Aires and the people and am between wanting to return to the States and wanting to extend my stay in the desire of learing more spanish. I have weeks to decide.
Have a stress free trip.