Monday, January 14, 2008

dont talk to strangers or more appropriately--men in uniforms for me

I am taking a safari on Thursday and my trip to Cape Point got delayed by one day due to lack of people. I am planning to stay in Cape Town until Friday and then head south to Simon's Town or Kalk Bay for two nights. I will return here via train, and finish with another wine tour with Bruce on Monday. He told me that he would change up some of the places we could go and i figure why not go drink more wine? I really am enjoying the wines here and they are super cheap!
I explored the region and found myself at the Botannical Gardens. Innocently, I was walking around and taking in scenery. This security guard starts talking to me and of course, coming from the Midwest, I am up for conversation. He tells me that he is from Uganda and a refugee here in South Africa. He was promised work if he moved here, but the demand is too much. He got his job because he knew someone that could provide it for him. Anyways, we start talking about me and next thing you know, he is planning our restaurant here in Cape Town. He told me that by the time I came back (theorhetically), he would have everything up and ready. I was trying to find a way out of this conversation when he asks me if i live with my parents or husband. I am honest and then he tells me it is time to move on to a more 'MATURE" MAN--REALLY. He proceeded to mention that we should meet for a drink to get to know each other better and I said that I was on a full day tour. Plus, I mentioned that everyone grieved in their own way and that I wasn't interested in meeting a more mature man. He asked me for my e-mail and for once, I kept my wits about me and said that I didn't e-mail. I left and am e-mailing now.
I wonder why I meet the random security/bus drivers/police officers. I enjoy meeting people, but it seems like if I sit down somewhere with this type of man, I am then asked to really sit down on his lap. Funny how I attract the uniforms....
Books are good and I do understand why people want to move here. Truly, it is an amazing, vibrant city.
Take care--


Shari said...


I hope that you are journaling more of the details of your journey. I will be interested to hear more about the encounters you are having. Although there may be a few duds, it sounds like you have met far more meaningful people along your path.

I worked in the Guatemalan restaurant today. I did some kitchen prep and learned as I worked. I don't think I retained too much, but it will be a great experience. Jenny, the owner and my new Spanish teacher has been to several countries and I am enjoying her life story.

LaVay took me to my first orchestra. We were in the first row and it was incredible. The last performance was a very hard piece and the Minnesota Orchestra did an amazing job. I was moved. I am in awe that a piece of wood with some strings and another piece of wood with some strings can make such wonderful sounds. I look forward to enjoying more performances.

I leave Friday for Hartford, Connecticut. Julie Thompson and I are going to visit Greg and Grace and the boys. On Sunday we are taking the train to New York and enjoying a performance on Broadway. I think it's Mama Mia which performs Abba hits. We have a few hours to walk the streets of Broadway. I did not get to see that part of New York last time I was there. I will scope out some place for you and I to visit just incase we get the chance to visit the Big Apple.

I am very surprised by the beauty of South Africa. I hadn't realized that the coastal regions would be so amazing.

I hope you continue to enjoy the moment.
Love, Shari

Hailey said...

Hey Harm!

I'm very happy that you got to South Africa safe & sound. I'm sure your encounters will be hard to top...but as with life I'm sure others will try.

Things are good here. Busy! Busy! Busy! There is so much to do before the baby gets here...I am feeling a little overwhelmed at this point. I'll just keep plugging away until I manage to get everything accomplished.

I'm sure you heard that we won the Orange Bowl. Cory said he had a great time and was glad he got to see the game live. As for me - I watched it from the comforts of home. Both kiddos (Andrew & Diva) were in bed by the 1st Quarter so I was the lone Jayhawk cheering them on.

As for basketball - we are still undefeated. We are #3 in the country and beat Oklahoma last night by 30. It was our first conference game and we looked good. The last time we were 17-0 was '96-'97 think that was when we were there! How time flies.

Well, I just wanted to say hi, I miss ya, and send some love your way!

I hope you are having a blast and can't wait to see pics! I think the Safari will be amazing and can't wait to hear all about it!

harmony said...

sounds like you both are busy and sort of, enjoying the weather. THe last two days here have been rainy, but I welcome it. First off, not many people are out drinking/keeping me up all night and it seems clean.
Shari--congrats on the guatemalan kitchen. Yes, I believe it will come in handy while we are in Costa Rica.
Hailey--how far along are you? How is Andrew doing? Is he excited for his brother, too?
Talk to both of you ladies soon. Enjoy the weekend and be safe--