Tuesday, January 29, 2008

with sleep...

Yesterday, I contemplated the rest of my time in Argentina. It was raining and so all I wanted to do was curl up with a good book and sleep/rest away the day. Instead, I went to lunch and was told that this woman could not understand that I wanted a menu in spanish. I asked her what the appropriate word was and she looked at me with no expression. I tried to ask a different way with the same result. Remember that I am speaking spanish here and so it is frustrating with my vocabularly. I knew that this woman was being difficult and so I left for a different place.
Later, I decided to stay at the hostel for a few more days and they let me switch into a room with a window and fan. i loved the coolness and found myself sleeping the rest of the afternoon away. It was raining and the museums that i wanted to go to were closed. I intend to go to the Evita Museum as well as the Fine Arts Museum. I look forward to doing that today after my trip to the bus station. I am looking at a 24 hour bus ride south. Can´t wait. I know that it will be spectacular. I just need to figure out when I will leave and possibly my return date to secure a bed at this hostel. The people are super nice and they have been patient with my spanish/english communication. In some ways, I wish that I could extend my trip solely for the purpose of learning more spanish. I would be forced to since no one speaks english here.
I met a guy from Chicago last night and immediately asked him if he had been to the Map Room. He said no and so I told to check it out when he returned to the States. I had a blast there last year, and like the owners as well. Brandon and Mark have always been wonderful to me and so of course, I will send people to their bar as much as possible.
I also spent about 3 hours with a Braziliian girl, named Renatta. She is super nice and helped me with my conversation skills. I definitely understand more than i can speak and so it was nice practice for me to speak with a person who was nice and patient. I felt comfortable stumbling through the translations. I think we are going to meet for some wine later today and hopefully I will continue to learn the arts of spanish.
Well, I am off to douse myself with OFF and have a medialuna for breakfast. Take care and enjoy some strong coffee. They have not made me a decent cup yet.


Shari said...

Good to hear that you are practicing your spanish. I'm not doing well at learning the language. It's not that I'm getting old, but more that my brain is always fuzzy.
My Dad is going in for gull bladder surgery today. He is trying to get his health back up and then will have a full knee replacement. They hope to do the knee in a month or so.
I loved your story about Jade dropping her ice cream and crying. It made me laugh.
Our two expectant mothers are doing well. Jessi and Steffany are both due in March. They are watching Jessi so she doesn't have an 11 pound baby this time. Although Josiah was very healthy, I'm sure Jessi would like this one to be a bit smaller.
Enjoy the hot weather. Our temp has dropped from 43 yesterday to 0 right now at 1:00 pm. Burrrrr.
See you soon, Love Shari

harmony said...

i have seen so many expectant mothers in Argentina. I want to touch their stomachs but am afraid that they will freak out and yell at me in spanish.
I am learning.
Let me know how your dad is doing. I believe in preventetive health care and know that with exercise, moderation, mobility, anything can be corrected.
Yes, it was funny when jade cried. Very vivid for me probably since we were in the car forever!!!