Friday, January 11, 2008

Table Mountain and other decisions...

So, I did yoga yesterday and made some other pertinent decisions. I am going wine tasting today at the Stellenbosch and Franschoek area with The African Story wine tours. I will head to Cape Point on Monday to tour the point where the two oceans cross. I am interested in seeing this and the penguins and just generally seeing more of South Africa.
I am indecisive on which safari I should pursue due to cost and location. For what I could spend on a two night safari near Cape Town, I could fly back to Joburg and go to Krueger Park for the same amount. That isn't an option in my opinion since I just got out of Joburg, fantastic city that it is. The question becomes do I want to do a two day safari and get screwed financially, or could I be happy with a one day safari and lunch? It is a quandary.
I went to Table Mountain with Andrew and will write more later....I am off to drink a lot of wine

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