Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday, lazy sunday

Last night I did not find Italian food. Instead I found Rick's Cafe, a play on Casablanca. I had a caesar salad and it was okay, but not italian. I thought it was funny that the staff stood in front of me and gossiped for 45 minutes. I wanted to approach them and say--won't you at least go into the kitchen? I don't want to listen to your conversation or better yet--ISN'T THERE SOMETHING THAT YOU CAN CLEAN?
I returned to the hostel and found that Andrew had been relocated since they wanted to keep my room the girl's dorm. With the addition of Kate, it was necessary to relocate him. I read and then decided to try to sleep. I wasn't too successful as I couldn't compete with the bars. I feel like i am in New Orleans with all of the bars and balconies around the hostel. It is a nonstop party here in Cape Town. No, ear plugs do not work. As a result, i took a long morning after my salt bath/shower. I did yoga this afternoon and finished dinner at a game preserve/restaurant with Andrew since it is his last night in South Africa. It was nice. We started with ostrich carpaccio and I had chicken as my main and he had a mixed grill. They did offer ostrich, crocodile, and a variety of other gamey type meats. I felt like chicken. I know--boring.
Tomorrow, I take a tour of Cape Point and then I need to decide what the following week holds. Do I want to go out of Cape Town or should I remain where I am at? I think I might relocate hostels purely for the sleep factor. Although, tonight they shut the bars down early due to it being a Sunday and all.
How are the playoffs going? How is my bball team???
Take care.

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