Thursday, January 10, 2008

Johannesburg/the airport/salt rubs

I made it safely to Joburg, collected my bag and had some chips (french fries) for breakfast. My sleeping and eating schedule was completely off since I have left Perth at midnight. Arrived in Sydney at 6 am and then for the next day traveled 18 hours and arrived here at 6 am on the 9th. A bit confusing and a lot of random airline foods to make me feel unbalanced.
Anyways, I hailed at cab from Gift, a nice man from Suweto. He told me about Joburg, places to visit and insisted that I would be safe walking around since I was staying in the wealthy part of town. My reservation said that I was staying 10 km from the airport which I felt would be a cheap cab ride. Actually, my hotel was about a 45 minute drive from the airport in an area called 4 Walls and Gauteng. So, no, my cab ride wasn't cheap, but I made it safely to the hotel at 9 am. Gift agreed to pick me up today at 9 am and return me to the airport. I arranged for lunch and dinner at the hotel and inquired about walking around the area. The girl at the desk said that it wouldn't be a good idea and that I should just wait to get to Cape Town. I had a large room with a bath and a shower and I was in heaven. I slept after my salt bath and then went to lunch. Two men eventually joined my lunch, but they were traveling on business and I was reading a book called, Poker Face. No, it wasn't interesting, but it was in my hotel room. I gathered from their conversation that one was living in New Zealand and the other was living in Australia. Both were from the UK originally. Their conversation wasn't too exciting and I was in much need of uninterrupted sleep.
Mostly, I slept and tended to my bite. Yes, now, it really is much better. Salt rubs are awesome and I can actually sit down without having to rearrange how I am sitting. It has been a great week.
I returned to the airport in search of an internet since the hotel's connection was down. I leave for Cape Town in a few hours and then I will search for a backpackers and figure out this leg of the trip. I wanted everyone to know that I am okay and that I didn't have any difficulty maneuvering the city. I was positive and continue to be that I will be fine here. The people that I have met are proud of their culture and heritage and I wish I had more time here. Two people told me I should check out the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg and I would like to on another trip. Gift, the driver, gave me his card and insisted on arranging a tour of Suweto when I return. And, he showed up at 8 am this morning to take me to the airport.
Take care. I will be 9 hours ahead when I get to Cape Town.


Jadey said...

Thanks for the updates. I have been busy working every night and will hopefully soon have time to email. Take care and be safe
Love Jadey

Robin said...

Hi Harmony-Cape Town looks incredible, cant wait to hear how you like it. I am glad you are safe and moving around like a real pro! YOu must be a bronze beauty by this time. And always in shorts, loving that. Wish we could send you some books, and how many books have you devoured since you left? Take care, love you
Robin, Stef and Terry