Thursday, January 17, 2008


My safari was okay. I was the youngest--i know, huge change--and for the time spent/money, it was okay. I saw a reserve of 7 cheetahs that seemed drugged and a beautiful male lion. His mane was amazing and he had two ladies to keep him entertained.
Afterwards, we embarked on a 5000 acre reserve where nothing was guaranteed. I saw gizelles, giraffes, zebras and rhinoceros. All was fairly close and pretty damn amazing. The gizelles were skittish, but the rhinos felt perfectly fine defecating in front of us. I was unsatisfied with the safari due to the food factor. For the fact that it was a game preserve, I was surprised at the quality of the food. They served us goat (I didn't eat) and a pork stuffed tomato which wasn't edible. They had ice berg lettuce, shredded carrots with canned mandarin oranges, potatoes, stale bread and hummus on cucumbers. I wasn't too impressed or satiated.
I returned to the hostel and made plans with Megan to have wine on Monday or Tuesday. She is a cool chick. She read my goddess cards last night and it was spot on.
Tomorrow I depart for Stellenbosch and then I return to Cape Town on Sunday. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the snow. The sun is amazing here!!!


Shari said...

Good Day,

This journey that you are on will be a source of information for years to come. You should set your consultant fee now. People from all walks of life will be able to get valuable travel guidance from you.

It's summer should be served fresh everything. Oh...I have an idea for your consultant fee. A great meal and a bottle of wine. If the wine is crap you can send them on the Safari you were just on. If the wine is excellent you can offer to travel with them. I'm always thinking.

I'm off to Hartford until Tuesday. Happy travels...I'm counting down to Costa Rica.

Love, Shari

harmony said...

Have fun with Julie and enjoy some basketball. It is almost March.
I, also, am looking forward to Costa Rica. I know that the beaches are amazing and there is an assortment of fresh food available everywhere.
Have fun and enjoy yourself!!!