Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Yoga in the park...

This morning, I opted for some yoga. Fortunately, there is a park near the muslim hostel that I scouted out on New Year's Eve. I hit snooze on my alarm and so I had to do yoga a little later than originally planned. I was committed to it though and as I made my way to the park, I see this huge lawnmower and know that it will be an interesting day. I find some trees and set up my mat. I am fine for a bit, but then it begins to rain and the lawnmower keeps getting closer and closer to me. I felt like he remowed some of the park so that I could finish my routine. I did and now i am at the Perth library searching for a better hostel. This library is very strict about e-mail use. I tried to be sneaky and typed in my yahoo account only the screen changed and said--prohibited area. I will have to find another way to use the internet freely for personal use.
The flies aren't as bad here. Instead, I have mossies to deal with and I have been bit by either a mosquito or a spider. I can't tell, but it is huge. It itches and it is in an inconvenient place. I have vitamin E with me and so I have decided to fight it with that. I found vitamin E and sleeping pills in my alleve bottle the other day. I don't go very far without the alleve, but the sleeping pills were surprising. I might take them on my flight to South Africa or I might sell them if I get desperate. Who knows? I don't really do all that well on them. I feel like I would be on speed or something. My heart races and I can't calm down or at least that has been my experience in the past.
In other areas....it is an overcast day, but still pleasant. I have about 6 days left in Australia and then I will be heading closer to the US time zone. I called a few people yesterday and since there is a brief connection hesitation before it connects, I was afraid that people would hang up before I could talk to them. I was able to talk to Bryn, Jade and Jimmy. I left a message for my sister, Michaela, since she is a horrible screener. I don't know if I should try to call her back since I know that she never answers her phone!!! (hint--Michaela--ANSWER YOUR PHONE) It was great to have contact with my friends and family. I wish that I had had more change, but the owner of my favorite hostel wouldn't break my coins down. That man is truly awful, very short and obviously compensating for that.
Well, onwards and upwards...I am off to change money and find a new place to reside for a few nights. i don't think that I could bear the muslim hostel much longer.

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