Thursday, January 17, 2008

one of those days...

This morning, I woke up at 2 am to one of the girls in the hostel spraying bug spray on herself which indirectly I was sprayed with. I loved waking up that way to eating aerosol spray.
I went running and had every intention of being productive this morning. I showered and was prepared to go to a different internet cafe when I decided to locate my charger for my ipod. Of course, this cheap hotel shampoo had exploded all over my smaller accessories bag which had my chargers in it. I didn't pay too much attention to it until I tried to plug in the charger to the outlet. It shocked the hostel guy and that is when we discovered how damaged my charger was. I cleaned it up to no avail. It is fried and I must find a new charger.
I decided to pack up my stuff to relocate to a new hostel and found that my sunnies were broken. I don't think I am buying another pair of sunglasses since I either lose them or they break. Next, collecting my stuff, I found that someone had pilfered my milk which forced me to really leave Cape Town. I am in search of the hostel in Stellenbosch via the train and I hope to return in a better place. I couldn't believe that my charger was fried or that someone would be petty enough to steal milk. Damn, travelers...I have green tea and a purpose for finding a new hostel/charger if it is convenient. I think that I should leave now for greener pastures.
In other notes...the weather is fantastic again and all of the people in my dorm room are relocating to other towns or hostels. This couple, Tim and August, are traveling to Buenos Aires and will be on my flight next week. They are traveling for 5 months, though, solely in South America.


Connie said...

Hi Harmony,
We started our basketball tournaments today. We are not that good, we have only won one game.
It is very chilly here, -22 wind chill, with some snow on the ground. I wish I was with you instead of here. I miss the sunshine! And you!
Thanks for the postcard from australia, I was not very happy to hear that you ate kangaroo. It is my favorite animal.
Bye, have fun, Hannah :)

Jadey said...

Hey Harmony,
Sorry it's been so long since talking to you. I've been working like crazy!! I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but I'm on my
13th night shift in a row. I'm booked throughout the end of the month and I'm currently trying to pick up more shifts.
Our dad got me sucked into Dave Ramsey's world, and now I'm bound and determined to get completely out of debt. When I say sucked in, I'm not exaggerating. I've read 3 of his books in the last week and listen to his CD's. Tab and everybody at work thinks I've joined a cult!
I'm just ready to have money, and spend it wisely
My goal is to work everynight between now and traveling back to Kansas, except for Mic's bday in April. I gotta tell you though, I'm so obsessed with working that the thought of missing work on her bday is driving me nuts.
It has even screwed my sleep up. I can't sleep because I keep thinking about paying off debt. After a few days without sleep, I resorted to Benedrayl and a large glass of wine when I got off work.
I'm better now though, because I figured if I quit reading on my breaks, I wouldn't obsess about it after work. I was right, I'm back to sleep, but don't have much time for anything else.
I actually feel good, being on a schedule with Tab and the kids. I'm awake and showered before anyone gets home, and I spend the evening with the kids while Tab is at school.
So anyways that explains why I haven't been on-line lately. The only time I have is at work, and lately it's been so busy at work that I haven't had time to pee let alone get on-line.
I did miss reading your blog, but I'm finally caught up.
So your travels sound wonderful and I'm so happy you made it to Africa safely.
Last night I worked about an hr from Eugene at this hospital from the Dark Ages. I really thought about bambo shoots through the eye.
I was suppose to work 12 hr shifts their all weekend, but I couldn't bring myself to. So, I'm working extra at Sacred Heart. I've learned that if you don't like your present job, go do the same thing somewhere else and you'll find out how truely good you have it. I have a smile a mile long on my face tonight and eveybody is like "Are you okay, your not usually this happy about being at work".
So I miss you and love you, but I'm getting an admit, so I gotta go
Hopefully I can write again soon
Love you

harmony said...

Hello, ladies...sorry to hear about the basketball, but keep with it and having fun is the most important aspect of the sport. I am glad that you received the post card from Australia and sorry about the kangaroo. Believe me, I won't try it again!!!
Jade--try to not work too hard. I have a few of Ramsey's books, too. I enjoyed them and my banker/friend, Carrie, loves Dave Ramsey too. I think sometimes you have to walk outside of your typical day to understand how good you have it--really. I mean, I look at the wages in South Africa and the tipping structure and it is ridiculous. Plus, there is a 35% unemployment rate here and they are scampering to get prepared for the World Cup 2010. I don't know if they are going to be able to do it, based on the fact that they are already way over budget, have lousy transportation and not the space to hold a massive amount of soccer fans. If they falter, then it will move to Australia. I don't know what will happen!
Take care, both of you girls and talk to you soon. I have a wine tour tomorrow and then I will be on my way to South America.