Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I made it to the airport and have a 5 hour layover before I head to South AFrica. I sat by a couple from Belguim and they were quite friendly. Their daughter did a world tour, found an Aussie and now lives in Sydney. They spent the last two weeks with her for holiday.
The airport here is fantastic. They have many duty free shops and a lot of people are shopping. I am still in search of the gym or really, just not sitting for the next few hours. I survived the 8 hour stretch by sleeping, watching the Bourne Supremacy and The Jane Austen Book Club--yes, cheesy, chick flick, and concluded with Ugly Betty. That show is funny. I only caught about 13 minutes of the pilot, but I understand why people watch it. I enjoyed it and look forward to being able to marathon it on my flight to Joburg.
I am okay. The tea tree oil stings, a little, but I know that the bite is finally getting better. I am going to do another salt rub/bath once I get to Joburg. Plus, I think I will purchase some vodka to disenfect it if I can't find alcohol. It should be interesting.
I am fine, really. I am positive that Joburg will be an interesting place. And, the aboriginees are no picnic in Australia. Actually, the are frightful people who I avoided at all costs.
Until later....


Shari said...


I missed your call again...sorry. It was nice to hear your voice though. The waters of Cape Town look incredible and there are indeed a lot of vineyards. Let us know which wine to try next.

We have a really good Guatemalan restaurant in Baldwin. Tonight after yoga, Julie and I went to eat there. I thought I would network like you do, so I asked the owner if I could do the barter system. I told her I would donate a couple hours a week of work if she would teach me Spanish. I start Monday.

I spent several hours researching Costa Rica. I am getting exited.
Things are falling into place.

Enjoy the sun and pamper your behind. How are going to pour vodka on you butt?

Take care and I know it sucks for us to not answer our phones, but it still is good to hear from you.

Love, Shari

Connie said...

Hi Harmony,
I really enjoyed your last postcard, and the panda stamp. It was really cute. I was wondering if you made Flat Kellen pedal all 10 kilometers?
We have our last basketball game this saturday, before tournaments. We are still undefeated. I made five points last week.
I hope you had a great New Year and have a safe trip.
Love, Kellen
Hi Harmony, wow, I guess I have not been on your blog in a while. You have been busy. Thanks for sharing all your highlights of your year and of your trip so far. You truly are an amazing person.
Safe Travels,Love,Connie

harmony said...

No vodka...I made due without it. I would have soaked a wash cloth with it though and made the best effort!
Nice work on the bartering...it will definitely come in handy in Costa Rica. Driving on roads was interesting and Brian did all of the driving. Getting out of San Jose was our biggest problem since there are no street signs and people, bikes, animals everywhere. You will understand when we get there. I think that Manaul Antonio would be ideal for the 28th and it isn't too far--i think from San Jose. Plus, the roads are better. It was on the Nicoya Peninsula that was difficult.
Kellen, no Flat Kellen has definitely been a passenger on this trip. Of course, she does enjoy the ice cream and chocolate muffins that are everywhere and enticing. Good job on the basketball. Keep me informed on how it plays out.
Take care and talk to you soon.