Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cape Point Peninsula--where the two oceans meet

Yesterday, they picked me up at 8:15 for the tour of the Cape Peninsula. I admit it, I was bitter that they postponed my trip and so the first hour, I wasn't too sociable. Our group consisted of 3 Aussies, 1 Kiwi, 1 German, 1 French, 1 Brazilian and me--a fairly decent group of people. We stopped at the pier and could do an alternate trip to view seals for more money. I opted for coffee. I know that it isn't about the money, but I was still pissy about the day before. Anyways, I sat with the French girl and talked about traveling. Alex is in Cape Town for a week and intends to return for 5 weeks next year. She is a lawyer and an avid traveler.
Next, we stopped at Simon's Town to see the African Penguin. They are everywhere and quite funny. The first one was in the sewer, burrowing to stay warm. It was overcast and rainy all day yesterday; whereas, Monday was beautiful and sunny--ideal for this tour.
We drove to Cape Point and stopped the van so that we could bike 7 km to our next stop. Granted it was all down hill and not bad, but for awhile it felt like we were in a wind tunnel and I had no control over the bike. I kept seeing myself doing a tent stake over the bike and crashing horribly into the side of the road. I didn't and it was fun. We stopped for a brief lunch and then made our way to the Cape of Good Hope. The wind was crazy, but we prevailed and hiked up to the light house. The views were spectacular and there was this private beach that looked amazing. The guide kept saying--THE WATER IS FREEZING--and so perhaps, not the best place to be on the beach.
We hiked about 40 minutes to our next stop and it was here, that was the most treachorous part of the tour due to the winds. They think that the winds were going 65-70 km/hour and it was frightful. The path was narrow and considerably above sea level. My rain jacket kept pushing me to one side of the trail and it was difficult to hike down. I did enjoy the day and the tour was good.
I returned to the hostel and James, the resident drunk--I mean, Irish guy was exactly where I left him. On the couch, in the same clothes and drinking hot tea. He is out of money and so he doesn't do anything besides watch cricket or sports and follow the primaries in the States. My roommate, kate, took pity on him and after I had mentioned going out for a drink with her, she invited him along. I was annoyed since I knew that he hasn't done a damn thing in the 5 days that i have been there. Thankfully, he is returning to Ireland tomorrow since I think he needs a hobby or something. I mean, I could drink to oblivion in the States quite easily and still have income. I don't understand the purpose in drinking like that in a foreign country.
I go on the safari tomorrow and I have decided to relocate to a different hostel in Cape Town and then return to Long Street. Simon's Town was neat, but so windy and the water is cold. I am good on laying out in a shitty beach being pelted by sand. I did that in Bunbury, Australia, for a few days.
Laundry called this morning and I am making due with the continual rainy weather. Buenos Aires next week and then I make the descent back to the States, slowly....


Robin said...

Hi Harmony-I hope it is as beautiful as the pictures, the beach and water look so incredible. Love the pengiuns. I remember when Stef was in grade school, we did a project on penguins. She got an A but the teacher said we went a bit over board, hmmm, not sure if she meant me or Stef.

Today Stef turns 19, we went out for out traditional birthday supper out. We went to Eagan where we used to live, drove past our little home we had for years, a flood of great memories came gushing in and then went to the Mediteranian Cruse for supper. It was a favorite place of hers, she would go with her Dad. It was so nice. 19 years ago today, a sunny warm day I brought home this tiny little baby girl, and I was scared. She doesnt seem to be scared, maybe being so young has its advantages.

She had a lot of questions on how you are traveling and how you managed the trip financially. I can see her wheels turning. When you get a chance it would nice if you would share with her how you mananged this journey.

It is cold here and only going to get colder. Below 0 this weekend, cant do much with weather like that. I plan to take a cross country ski lesson next week, hope it is not this cold for my lesson.

Enjoy your journey, sounds like you are meeting interesting and not so interesting people.

Take care

harmony said...

I think it is wonderful that you celebrated with Stef on her birthday. I reread my bday cards of past from both of my parents and sometimes, rarely, they reflect on the day that I entered the world.
South Africa is amazing--truly. I loved each country that I have been too previously, but there is a unique charm here. I don't know how else to explain it.
It feels normal to be confident when you are scared, but want to embrace your future. I admire Stef for facing this head on in her own way. I know how difficult it can be since I watched my own sister through her pregnancy. Support--family/friends is always beneficial.
Good luck with the lessons. Eventually, I will tackle that.