Thursday, January 31, 2008


I arrived and the bus ride was pleasant. I suppose being waited on, with wine, and reclining chairs make a huge difference. My only problem is my damn long legs. Can´t do too much without more leg space. I did sleep and the bus wasn´t full and overall, I would recommend bussing around Argentina. I did watch some stupid movies, though...De ja vu, Die Hard 4, and Little Man--this one was in spanish and dubbed in spanish, too. It made no difference, it was a retarded movie.
I leave for the wine region on Saturday mostly since I want to maximize my time there. I bought my bus tickets, all in spanish and felt very proud of myself. I found a hostel where they speak english and it almost feels like cheating. There were two older ladies traveling together but they weren´t too hip on the 4th story flight or the space factor in the rooms. They were a little too negative on life for me, but they left.
Bariloche is renowned for its chocolate and of course, the lake. Let me tell you...from where I am sitting, it is amazing. I hope to sleep late tomorrow and enjoy a beautiful day and then head to Mendoza on Saturday. My spanish is improving because it has to. The know it all from yesterday doesn´t speak good spanish is what I realized when I left. She has been traveling in South America since November and so I felt bad for her that it is almost February and she can´t communicate well with others. That is probably why she talked my ear off and made me crazy.
On a side note--Happy Birthday, Dave Beemer....I e-mailed you early, but of course, the public notice was necessary. Remember, I always have the day right!!!


Smitty said...

Hi ya Harmony,

Well, we made it back from skiing in Durango. Lots and lots of good snow. In fact, Sandy and I are headed back there again next week. On a basketball note, you probably heard your Jayhawks lost to K State last night. They are still an elite team and should probably be a number 1 seed come March Madness. I'm going to go settle down to a Duke and NC State game now. I'll try to post a bit more often. Keep them stories coming---you do have some kind of adventure going. Cheers.


harmony said...

i had no idea...and not real thrilled from here....very sad. I suppose that they needed to lose at some point so that their momentum is not broken the 1st or 2nd round of the tournament. I suppose that I am happy that I am not in the States to hear about it either....
Thanks and I am glad that you had a good time skiing.
Take care