Monday, January 7, 2008

Sydney airport....

Didn't make it to flight check in was early and I spent $5.20 to transfer from the domestic terminal to the international.  I wasn't too impressed with being taxed to go through the airport.  I found a glass of Penfold's some tea tree oil and I am set for life.  Oh, and I broke down and had a starbuck's coffee.  It tasted great and I am patiently awaiting my departure to Joburg.
I arrive at 5:40 am and have a hotel booked with a hot shower and double bed.  I can't wait.  I will spend the night and return to the airport to fly out to Capetown on the 10th of January.  I am intrigued by the wine, Table Mountain and just checking out a new country.  
Catch you later...


Jadey said...

Please post something as soon as possible so that I know your safe. Have a great flight and follow your instincts and I'm sure your be fine.
Love you Jadey

Robin said...

Hi Harmony-Again, I am getting caught up on your travels. I hope your flight is well. Australia sounds great, I would love to visit some day. I read your year in review, thank you for sharing with all of us. Your words make me think!! My dear friend Myra is in the hospital, it has been a month and I just found out on the 31st. I spent time with her yesterday, she is at Bethesda, that hospital has horrible memories for me, so it was difficult to walk in but great to see Myra. She is determined, they thought they would loose her, but the fighter she is, she will be with us. She has great words of wisdom and has taught me a lot during our friendship, and all that she has been through she still has that great sense of humor she has always had, yet another amazing person. YOu take care and cant wait to hear how the next leg of the journey will be.

Take care