Friday, February 1, 2008

the day of the trek

It never got dark here last night until about 10 and this morning, as a result of that, my sense of morning was completely off. I am not a huge fan of running in the dark either and so I slept in and enjoyed the cold. There were 3 girls in my room that didn´t have much sense of courtesy or respect when it came to other people sleeping. They showed up at 10 and it took them an hour and a half to get ready and when they left, they left the lights on. I was awoken at 3 am to them returning and I was hugely annoyed, but figured that it would only be one night and so I could survive.
Bariloche is beautiful and very similar to the vibe of Vail. There are many retired traveling along with the display of Americans, too. The prices are more expensive here, but they do have a plethora of chocolate shops. Gretchen recommended Mamushka and I found it yesterday and it was pretty great. I still have a piece of chocolate for the conclusion of my trek.
I went to the other hostel in town that is owned by the same company since they only have book exchange at that one. I went in, confident that I would be able to find something and was disappointed. Not only did they not have much of a selection, they wanted me to give them 2 books in exchange for one of theirs. I wasn´t about to depart with 2 of my bargaining chips and so I found a used book store with about 50 english language fiction books and purchased a book for 5 pesos...almost $3. I felt I could handle that exchange and might even return today for another go.
Well, enjoy the snow and I will be thinking of you when I am trekking in the sun.

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