Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Auckland Tour on the Kiwi Tour...

The Kiwi tour is similar to the Feejee Experience. Both are geared to have you see a sight, experience it with other people and roam around at will. The day in Auckland was free and so I decided to check it out. First, they took us to the AUckland Bridge where we could bungy jump for $90 (discounted rate). I was wearing my sandals and it was rainy and windy and since I didn't have close toed shoes, I couldn't go. WEll, they gave me an option. I could use their shoes which were too small for my giant feet and they didn't have socks. It was gross and I opted to read my novel in the warmth of the building. I know I could have sucked it up, but those shoes were unsuitable.
It started to rain and so we went to have lunch in Devonport, a suburb of Auckland. It has numerous coffee shops, used book stores and New Zealand products. We were trying to avoid the rain and so we had an early lunch. After lunch we went to a small trek where the New Zealanders had armed themselves for attacks from the Russians in WWII. Of course, we didn't outrun the rain and so we hurried to the bus. Did I mention that I was 1 of 2 Americans. The bus make up as follows--4 Singapore, 3 Brazilians, 2 Canadians, 2 Israelis, 1 German and 3 English. We return to the bus and the driver, Dave, takes off. I realize that we don't have the 4 people from Singapore and he is like--What? When did you last see them? One of the Brits said--well, when you were taking their picture. Dave seemed confused, got off the bus and went to look for them. It was like a surface version of Open Water. I would have been livid had I been left.
I am now back at the hostel and trying to decide how to spend tomorrow. Wish me luck!!!

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