Tuesday, November 6, 2007

curry, anyone???

I forgot to mention my last experience with curry. Yesterday, as part of the tour, we traveled through the Indian region of Fiji. They told us about some of the history...blah, blah, blah...and then took us to this great Indian restaurant. Most of us chose chicken curry since it was supposed to be the signature meal of the restaurant. When they set down my platter--curry, dahl, roti, rice and cucumbers--i sort of looked at the curry with question. First off, it looked like beef curry and when I bit into it, it was all bones. It was awful and I absolutely hated it. I don't think that I can eat curry anymore that is how horrible it was. Everyone felt the same way, too. I know that I can be a critical diner, but for once, it wasn't just me.
I think of all of these experiences, but when I get in the lab sometimes, I am overwhelmed with other people or if the connection isn't solid I talk about what my current situation is. However, I did enjoy the Feejee Experience bus with all of the other travelers. It was a great way to get insights into other countries. One of the girls had done this tour 3 times but with other attractive options. We played volleyball and when another group joined us, it was no longer the "fun" volleyball. The Italian girls played to win. I missed out on that round since I was reading. I wasn't too upset after I saw how they were serving.
I hope all is well and i will conclude this for now. Take care--

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