Saturday, November 17, 2007


YEsterday I arrived in Wellington which is the departure city heading south. I opted to stay for a few days, orient myself with this city and so far it has been nice. It has many cafes and little restaurants. I decided to jump off the wagon and enjoy some wine yesterday. I met foreignors at the cafes that I went to which kinda defeated the purpose. I wanted to meet legitimate kiwis, but perhaps today. I had chips and salsa for $8--yes, I was that desperate for mexican food. The place was called the Flying Burrito Brothers and it reminded me of Mezcal in Denver. It was almost identical in the decor and the tequila fixation. It was fun and I met an American bartender and an English guy. I know that in the States we are fortunate to live on typically evens out. And, in New Zealand it isn't customary to tip. WEll, I have discovered why people don't tip. The bartenders aren't attentive, fast or efficient. It was embaressing to think that they are a reflection of what I do and I have to tip them since they know what I do. Frustrating and yet petty--I guess.
I am hoping to go to Mt. Victoria, check out the museum and perhaps the botanic gardens. My ferry to the south island leaves early tomorrow morning and so I should be a good kid, even if I don't want to be.
I hope that everyone is well, enjoying life and eating Mexican food. I have already warned Jan and Tom that when I return to Phoenix to get my car, we are eating mexican for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a few days.
I think that KU is playing ISU today. Good vibes to the Jayhawks!!


Robin said...

Harmony-Wellington looks beautiful. I was not sure of the weather, it is in something other than what we see here. Are you still wearing your shorts? What is bushwalking? It was listted as an activity to do. It is cold in MN today, and some light snow. But the sun did peak out a few times today. I spent 3 hours in the photo lab today, working on my black and whites. I did manage to get two really nice pics out today, I was excited.

I went to the Art Institut and photographed Stef last night while she was in the cooking lab. I meet her prof, super nice guy. He told me this is his 1st Thanksgiving at home in 8 years, he loves teaching versus 100 work weeks. Stef made some great stew, and she cooked up some brocolli for me when I arrived (I love burnt broccolli). It was fun to watch the kids, she has a small lab class which is a great advantage for her. Where and what will you be doing on Thanksgiving? Do the New Zealanders do things differently there regarding Thanksgiving? What type of wildlife have you encountered? Take care and enjoy your journe.


harmony said...

They are busy preparing for christmas already. I will be in the South Island, somewhere, drinking wine on is a tradition that I would like to keep.
Yes, i am still wearing shorts and it has been warm the last few days. I haven't seen too much wildlife since I have been in the city mostly.
I am waiting to have a nice home cooked meal. I can't wait. I am supposed to meet up with two Brits in Australia. Danny is a chef/butcher and so I am intrigued by what he will make. His cousin is the one who was stung by the stingray.
Tell Steffany hello and to take care of herself!!!

harmony said...

I need to learn to develo my own photos...Robin can you teach me?