Tuesday, November 13, 2007


So, I decide to stay at Queen Street Backpackers. Disheveled (backpack, small baby pack, rain jacket) I approach the reception and try to make sense of what I need. The guy, Ben, helps me out and I ask him to point me in the direction of a beer. He takes my Auckland guide and says I think there is a coupon in here for a free beer. He finds it, cuts it out and tells me that when i am ready, he will serve me my beverage. I go into my dorm room and there are people already sleeping in the room. I get my beer and have every intention of going to the bank and checking out the area. Ben stops back by and tells me to slow down and that he would join me. Let's just say, I didn't make it to the bank. Instead, I had a really enjoyable day with Ben and Carl--a guy from the UK. Again, there are many British people on holiday. Carl is a cop, doesn't seem like it at all though. He was too laid back for it. He is traveling the world and will be in South America, like me.
So, we have a few beers and decide we need food. I go to dinner with them and have some wine--much better in New Zealand--and then we check out this bar called 5 below. You go in, they give you boots and a mid length coat and gloves. I looked like a little Russian lady if you can imagine. Next you go into the bar which is filled with ice sculptures and freezing. It was great and since Ben used to work there, we were comped. Normally, it costs $30 to get in and have 1 drink. It was all vodka drinks and smirnoff at that. I looked beyond that and had a grand time.
Today, I am going to go on a tour of Auckland and hopefully detoxing a little. New Zealand is cold and I wasn't expecting that. Really cold and the change in temperature is affecting me.
My first day in the Land of the Kiwis was great. Although, when I arrived it was like going to any other city. I felt at home here and very comfortable. Until later....


Robin said...

Harmony-New Zealand alreaady. so when you say cold, how cold do you mean? Compare to Fiji,was it warm there? That bar sounds amazing, sure hope your getting many great pics.


harmony said...

It is like fall in Denver which I wasn't expecting. Only it isn't that sunny and it rains and the moisture definitely makes it cooler. In Fiji, it was hot and I loved it. I spent most of the time on the beach and i almost dehydrated in Suva due to the heat and lack of water.
I should have pictures up again--I hope.