Saturday, November 10, 2007

summary of Fiji...

The best $5 spent was having my laundry done for me and clean/dry. That was amazing. The best $10 was the sarong...the Fijiians know what they are talking about. The sarongs are so useful and quite sexy, at times, and yes the men wear them, too.
Today I walked into the city since I figured that I should experience life like a Fijiian, not just a tourist. Plus, James went to New Zealand today and so I am alone for the next few days. Anyways, as I was walking, several taxis stopped as they assume that most tourists wish to have a ride. And, I noticed that not many taxis had natives in them. I had a nice sandwich and chocolate cake and then decided to walk back to the hotel. It is probably 3-4 miles from the town of Nadi. As I am walking, I see people with goods on the road trying to sell them. I see a man with lobsters and crabs and so I take a picture of them since they were neat. His buddy insists that I have a beer with them and who am I to say no to that. It was nice and interesting to feel apart from the other tourists. I doubt that I would have been stopped with a group of people. Then they offered to take me into Lautoka to have dinner with them. I declined and walked on. It has a been a wonderful experience and I believe that I will return to dive and stay in a fat hotel. I have enjoyed the dorms, but it is nice to be like a student too.
Until tomorrow...thank you for your thoughts and thank you for joining us, Michaela!


Jadey said...

Good girl declining the offer. I'm happy Mic joined the fun of your blog.
Today I ripped the kids's rooms apart, what a chore. I got up at 0630 and we started a little after 0700. 13 long hours later and I'm finally done. Now I just need to tackle the garage. My kids really have way to much crap. Easton's room took about 4 hours, and Mic's was the rest. She is a pack rat, just like her dad. I did okay throwing stuff out, until Tab and Mic came into the room. I;m not sure who's worse, Tab or the kids. For example, Easton had this miniature "radio flyer" wagon that he hasn't played with in years. It was in perfect condition, so I had it in the Goodwill pile. As soon as Tab saw it, it was like I was stealing his dog and taking him to be put asleep. Judas--what is wrong with him?? Why keep crap that you don't use? You know if I had unlimited resourses and could store things forever that would be one thing, but I'm not. Anyways, It feels good to get rid of things. I know you would approve.
Like Shari and Michaela its so nice to communicate with you via blog, it doesn't feel like your so far away.
So I think we need to plan a trip with you this year. Within the US of course, ha ha. Enjoy your last couple of days and as always be safe.

Hailey said...

Hey Girl!
I am so happy that you are having such a wonderful time. The way you describe your experiences makes me feel as though I am there with you!
KU is now 10-0...we beat Oklahoma State yesterday and are now only 1 of 2 teams still undefeated. The #1 team (Ohio State) lost yesterday to Illinois so hopefully we will move up again. KU BBall also won their first official we are off to a great start. Andrew's 2nd Birthday was yesterday. It was a good time and I have to edit and upload some pictures. He is getting so big and is truly such a little entertainer. Well, I better run.
Miss & Love Ya!

harmony said...

I thought Andrew's birthday was yesterday. I was pretty positive about it but I hesitated. Happy belated birthday, Andrew!

Anonymous said...

Hi Harmony!!
I have just been reading over your comments...bought back memories!Fiji feels like a lifetime ago already!
Hope you're enjoying New Zealand...I cant wait to read more about the places your going to be visiting!
Be really good if you get to catch up with Rob&Dan in Oz!
Keep having loads of fun and Ill speak to you soon,
Lou x x x