Monday, November 5, 2007

Return to Nadi

So, I survived the mudbaths but broke my new pair of sandals. I had them for 18 hours...a new record. The hot springs were actually quite hot and I think I might have ruined my swimsuit. I have another one some where. I have so much crap that I am lugging around. I am over it.
I don't think that I mentioned that one of my traveling mates, Rob, from England was stung by a stingray the other night. Innocently, they were swimming at Voli Voli and when he returned to shore, he felt that he had been stabbed and he was bleeding. The effect was immediate, plus the shock of everything. He went to the hospital where they cleaned his wound and told him to take pills and keep his wound clean and dry. Let's just say no drinking for him. He and his buddy, Dan, are going to Australia for six months to work. Dan is a chef and so I have arranged to have a cooked meal, somewhere in Australia. I have to provide wine which should be easy once I get there.
I will write more later. The internet connection is fickle and there are many distractions in this lab. One thing about the British...they like speaking English, too. OTher Europeans always opt for their individual language even if the only common language is English. I guess it is about superiority.

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