Tuesday, November 6, 2007

the town of Nadi

Today was a chill day...we bussed into Nadi for 60 cents and went shopping. The European guys wanted to buy rugby Fiji shirts, tried to haggle and eventually walked away. I bought some water since it is $5 at the hotel to purchase. I feel like i have cabin fever since we have a thunderstorm and can't go swimming. Plus, my e-mail is being weird and the blog takes forever to get on and so I believe the connection here is faulty. They should update their software and I could use it. We decided to go to Waysalei Island which is part of the Yasawas--most backpackers go here. Fiji has many different islands and I am discovering that most of them cater to married couples or families on holiday. A poor backpacker like me, most reside in dorms and share space. It isn't that bad and the beaches are amazing. I hope the rain stops so that I can even out my tan. Anyways, I will be in the Yasawas until Saturday afternoon. I am hoping to get a massage when I get back since they are extremely reasonable and no, I don't think this is a happy ending massage!
I almost broke my locker key that locks my valuables...something like this almost always happens to me. I got locked in the dorm room the other night and had I not been let out, I think I would have broken the door. I panic at times and so this is normal.
Talk to you soon....


Shari said...

Hello Harmony,

We made it back from Denver in record time. I am exhausted. I decided to do an unscheduled cleans on the way to Denver. I thought that Connie gave me some bad food at her party. It started in Des Monies. I visited many bushes and trees along the interstate. We stopped at a few way side rest, but I couldn't even make it to the building. We finally pulled into our hotel in Avoca, Iowa. I visited the toilet many times through the night. I spoke with Connie and one by one they all got the same crude. It was very reminiscent of the first time that I meet you. We ate at Le Central and you had to nurse me back to health. I still can't eat clams.

I managed to get up on Monday morning and get to the farm that Denver (the steer) had been living at for the past few months. Denver grew up fine and weighed in at 1314 pounds. Grandpa Darrel was very proud at the weight and overall apperance of this fine animal. We loaded Denver and off we went to Colorado Springs. We arrived at 9:00 pm and could not unload Denver until the morning. Due to my illness, that I caught from someone at Connie's party, Tom and I opted for the comfort of a hotel. Grandpa Darrel was not going to let Denver sleep alone in the trailer. All of us had become very fond of this steer. Darrel had a restless night as he awoke to every kick and bang that Denver made. We made it through the night and found the processing plant on Tuesday Morning. The USDA and Brand inspected had to have a look at Denver. He looked great to them so we unloaded Denver. A wonderful Hispanic man came out to assist the unloading of Denver. He must of said six different times how fine of an animal this steer was. With every comment Grandpa Darrel's smile grew a bit more.
I must tell just one more moment from our trip. The cows at the feed lot and at the processing plant would run from a human. They were very skittish. As I stood there all alone and Denver was all alone in his pen, he looked back at me and then walked 30 feet straight to me. He put his head on the rail and looked at me with those big black eyes as if to say...it's all right. The tears streamed down my face for so many reasons and I think the workers thought I was attached to this cow...I guess in some way I was.
We bid farewell to Denver and drove home. Darrel was absolutely ecstatic to have been able to fulfill a promise from Grandfather to Grandson. It was uplifting for Tom and I to be able to have shared this special moment.
Sorry this was so long...but there was a lot of emotion and happiness in this journey.

Take care and I love you. I will e-mail a picture or two later.


Connie said...

Hi Harmony!How's The weather? It has snowed here a tiny bit! In school I wrote a story about our trip to Colorado, Mr. Stamman liked it, I got an A and 2 points extra credit.Have FUN and take care. Love, Hannah

harmony said...

Congratulations on the grade for your report, Hannah. I am proud of you.
Thank you for the story of taking Denver to Denver. I know that Darryl must have been happy to fulfill his promise. I know that it meant a lot to him to offer the steer up at the auction. Thank you, again, for that contribution. It reminded us what the night was about.