Sunday, November 11, 2007


I just wanted to wish my friend, Hailey, a happy birthday. I have known Hailey since we were 10 and we both went to KU and I was there when she met her fantastic husband, Cory. Actually, I got Cory a job while we were in college. I have spent some time with them in Dallas and we met up at our reunion. Honestly, I believe that both Brian and Cory were bored out of their minds, but at least they had each other to talk to. Most of the rest of my class kept to themselves while Hailey and I were quite social.
I am back to my own hotel room and i love it. I like the social aspect of the dorms, but having privacy is beautiful. Plus, I can go into town and send off my postcards. I wrote out many last night after I dined with a fellow American. His name is Lewis and he resigned from medical school. He didn't have much time left, but it was either resign or be ousted from the program. He is asian and so their is pressure for him to achieve in life. He asked me how I knew when someone was interested in me. I thought it was interesting, but his life is so different from mine. Initially, i thought he would be a pompous jerk, but he sells acuras in silicone valley and although his parents aren't thrilled, he is enjoying his life. I kept pointing out that money isn't everything nor is the position in life due to your profession. I thought it was sad that he had never experienced love or even attraction. He is 30 and very lost in what his priorities are and what they should be. Good luck to him!
I will checking this more since this connection is superior to others. Jade, congrats on cleaning the kids rooms. I remember how much shit you used to have too. It isn't all Tab. Where is KU ranked now? I love that they are 10-0! Go JAYHAWKS....


Connie said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Thanks for keeping us all updated. We just watched Globe Trekker again and they were in New Zealand at Milford Track. Will you be anywhere around there? It looked absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to hear about your next destination. Have fun and stay safe, use plenty of sunblock and drink plenty of wine... I mean water. Love ya, Connie

Robin said...

Hi- Harmony-Your comments are interesting. Do you ever wonder how many people live possibly there entire life and not experience love? Or, work a job they hate every single day because they need to meet the 1800.00 mortgage or just because it is expected of them. Or how many times do we work with people, or see the same people everyday and not know there name or anything about them. You stop and talk to complete strangers and know more about them than I do about people I see every single day! A lesson learned, this week, I will talk to at least one person a day that I see often. I will let you know the outcome. Today was great in MN, (aside from the Vikings)warm weather and sunny, we actually seen motorcyclists on the highway, on Nov. 11th, unbelievable. I am actually hoping for snow, I would love to get out those ski's. Took the lab for a walk this morning, or should I say, he took me for a walk. It felt great and was relaxing. I have been so busy with life that I havent been walking, not anymore!!
Stef is doing well, we took some household stuff over to her and Erik this morning, they were excited to get it. They have there little apartment set up cute, and are settling in nicley. Her pregnancy is coming along nicley, they are having a boy, that means I am getting a grandson! YEAH!!! It is not what I had hoped for my daughter, but the outcome will be a beautiful little boy that we will love forever. I got some coaching from Shari, and that has really helped me with words, feelings and actions. Your walk sounds marvelous, and interesting folks along the way. You sound relaxed. So it only costs a few dollars to have someone do your laundry, wow, wish we could get that here. I better get my books ready for tomorrow,take care.


harmony said...

Yes, I loved having my laundry done. REally, I am so sick of having wet, dirty clothes. I want everything to be dry.
Yes, I should be able to get to Milford Sound and I have high expectations of what it is like. So many people have recommended it. And, since i will be in New Zealand, I will be drinking more wine than water!
Congratulations on your new grandson. I know that it must be an exciting time for everyone involved. I remember when Jade was pregnant the first time and how the delivery was miraculous and we all just cried when they wheeled Mackenzie out. Did I tell you that they almost named her Kaya, after Michaela and Jeremy's dog? Jade really liked the name until she realized the is a small world and I am learning a lot on my journey. I think it is easier and I am more approachable when i am alone. I love traveling with people, but I prefer the solitude of doing whatever I want, whenever I want.
I walked into town again and I really enjoyed the difference it made physically and mentally. There aren't many natives in taxis here in Fiji. MOstly just tourists and I guess that suggests a lot to me. I want to walk in their shoes for a bit.

Hailey said...

Thanks for the tribute! I am so honored! I can't believe you remembered when you are in paradise on a trip of a lifetime...I don't know what I would do without you & your fabulous friendship! KU is now ranked 3rd! WOO HOO! Cory is starting to get excited that we might actually play in the Big XII Championship in San Antonio...if so he's going to be there. I told him to go, enjoy, take some pics, and drink lots for me! I know you're leaving tomorrow - have a safe trip and I can't wait to experience New Zealand with ya!

Miss Ya - Love Ya!