Friday, November 23, 2007


I made it here safely and decided to check out the city. It is really easy to get around. I am staying at a hostel near Cathedral Square. I love the location, but it never stops. I think I was up til about 3 am due to the noise factor and then people were out and about at 6 am. I think I might enjoy a siesta later.
My share mate, Amber, is from Michigan. We had a lovely conversation last night since we both were hoping to retire early. Instead, my sleep wasn't great, but I did enjoy talking with her. She recommended going for a run near the botannical gardens this morning. I went and looked at the map before I left and felt confident that I could get around. I finished in Hagley Park and had no idea where I was or even how I had gotten there. I seem to get lost easily in New Zealand. Eventually, I figured out my whereabouts and now I am off to enjoy the day. Christchurch is nice and has ample parks/gardens. I think that I will relax here and then head north tomorrow to Nelson.


Smitty said...

As a side note, 4th rank KU will be hosting the UofA this Sunday. The UofA is unranked and is a severe underdog. Although KU is ranked 4th in the nation and is 4-0, they have only played the Sisters of the Poor. It should be a good test for both teams, but the UofA lacks height and muscle---Jayhawks win easily. I'll post again and keep you updated. Love ya.

Smitty in Tucson

Connie said...

Hi Harmony, we have truly enjoyed reading your blog. It is like opening a present every time we log on, we just can't wait to see what you have been up to so far. Thanks for sharing this exciting journey with all of us! We had a very nice Turkey day, although we did not even have any turkey. No one ot our house cares for turkey so we opted for all the fixins' instead. We managed to get a picture taken for our holiday card, then snuggled in for our annual viewing of home videos of the girls when they were little and cute! It was very peaceful.
When you are out trying all these wineries you need to let us know what you are tasting so we can try some back at home and dream that we are there with you.:)
Take Care, Love, Connie
Dear Harmony,
How is the trip going? I hope it is going good. I was just wondering what flavor of ice cream you and Flat Kellen had? I got your post card from you and Flat Kellen I will share it with my class as soon as other kids get something from their flat person.:)
Hope you have a fun trip.
Love, Kellen

harmony said...

Smitty--thank you for the side note. You know that I follow Arizona, too. It should be an interesting game since they always put on a great show when they play each other. Keep me in the loop!
Connie and Kellen--
I am glad that you had an ice thanksgiving. Mine was alright. I am now in Nelson and have met quite a few Americans who are celebrating tonight. I am going to opt out and wait until i return in March. I might have a Mexican fiesta instead. I sent a card to your class as well--one from LA and one from Fiji. I hope that they received those as well.
We had plain vanilla. Sorry it isn't more exciting, but options are limited here. Take care--

Hailey said...

Happy Thanksgiving - a tad late...The 3 of us cooked in and had a peaceful day to ourselves. My Mom went back to KS to visit family and will be back through tomorrow. She did make an essential stop on campus to pick us up some new KU gear...much needed.
I'm glad you are having a great time. I got a little behind, but got all caught up in your adventures and I'm ready to hear more. I love to hear all of your stories...and yes your Fifi's analogy did bring back lots of memories too!
Well, KU lost last night to Mizzou. The 1st half was heartbreaking, but we seemed to remember that we were there to play a little football in the 2nd half. It's a shame...we were so close to taking it all the way. I can't discredit our season - it was fun to watch. Now - it's time for my favorite time of year...Arizona hear we's on ESPN so we can't wait to watch our beloved Jayhawk BBall.
Better go for now!
Miss Ya!

Michaela said...

I am sorry that this is so late, but I wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving too. I thought about you all day long and of course, Jade and I brought up stories about you all day long in your absence!
I so enjoy your expedites and I can always count on a quirky story. I swear, the freakshows just gravite to all of us in our family. The Ally Sheedy story is a classic.
Love you!