Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I don't want to leave this island since it is incredible. I have spent most of my day in a hammock, reading, getting sunburnt--yes, I put sunblock on, but the sun is intense here. The water is pristine and it is ideal here. I love the Yasawas.
The internet sucks, but I am finding that it is either hit or miss as I travel. I will be here until Saturday afternoon at which point i will return to Nadi. I leave for New Zealand on Tuesday morning.
I am on the islands, with James, the Irishman. He is traveling to New Zealand, too, to meet his lady, Yumiko. He had a few days to kill and so we opted to head to the islands together. THe other Brits went on an island hopping adventure of their own and I miss them. They were all quite funny and engaging. I plan to meet up with Rob and Danny in Australia for a meal prepared by chef Danny. I always like to meet chefs, but supposedly, I have to supply some wine.
Well i will check this later, after I have lounged more. I am thoroughly enjoying the sun, sand and ocean!


Robin said...

Hi Harmony-Glad to hear your relaxing as well as enjoying your trip. My life seems as though I am flying by the seat of my pants daily lately. My Art class has really provided a challenge for me. It is black and white, we develop our own negatives and pictures. With limited time for me to work in the lab and dark room, it constatly puts me against deadlines that I can meet. But, the upside to all this, when you actually take a quality pic, develop the negs correctly and get a picture, it is extremly gratifing. My other class, Income Tax has been tough as well. I am enjoying the class, but will defiently be glad when this term is over. I would gladly lay in a hammock, by the water, in the sun, sipping a cold one and reading a book (book of enjoyment that is)

I'm sure glad I never got invited to Connies party or I would be sick as well. Thanks girls!!

I am ready for the snow, ready to cross county ski with the lab. I sure love our puppies, they are such comfort and make me laugh.

My life consists of bus rides, school, work and an occasional beer with the neighbors, boring in deed. Traveling with you has made each day exciting. I shared your story and your blog with some co-workers. They hear me talk about you a lot, so I thought they would enjoy the journey as well.

Take care

Jadey said...

I'm happy your enjoying the hammock and then sun--you suck!!

I can't believe it, but I have a weekend off that doesn't revolve around going to a game. I have decided to de-clutter the kids rooms instead. I'm going to pull their rooms apart and let them chose 10 items to keep-outside of their beds/dressers/books. They have TOOO much stuff. I remember when I was a kid appreciateing my toys, and taking care of them. My kids don't have those same values because they have always received so much! Also for X-mas, were going to limit what we buy for them and instead go on a weekend get away with them to the coast.
My friend was telling me about a family tradition of going to "snow town" every year over X-mas break. They back a picnic and drive up the mountain until they reach snow and spend the day playing. We haven't done that in so long. The kids haven't seen snow in 3 years except for when we went to Crater Lake in July and there was still snow. Of course we didn't know that so we showed up in shorts and tee-shirts. As you can imagine we didn't play in the snow much!

These days my life is revolving around work and more work. I have been working 2 jobs again and of course have the kids. Both of the kids had great reports at the parent-teacher conferences, except Easton's teacher told me he is more resistant to learning. That cracked me up!! He's a boy who wants to play. I figure this is his first year of school, so I think were okay. He gets made at me though, because I give him homework every night to work on. He knows its from me and not the teacher so he thinks I'm mean.

Well I know your enjoying yourself maore than I am right now. Its so fun to read your blogs and to hear about how things are going for you. Have a safe trip to New Zealand and let us all know your safe right away. Having to wait a couple days gave me another grey hair--thanks! Love you and safe travels

PS I talked to Michaela tonight and she told me that Dad cracked up about the G-rated comment!

harmony said...

Thanks, ladies for the dialogue. I am glad that you are enjoying school Robin and your newly married life. How is Steffany doing and is the pregnancy progressing well? It must be an exciting time for both of you...Congratulations...Jade, I am glad that dad enjoyed the g-rated is nice to know that he is reading this, too. Tell Easton and Mack hello. Did she get her postcard from LA?