Friday, November 2, 2007

Voli Voli

I just wanted to let everyone know that i made it safely to the beach and that i don't have internet access until i return to nadi on Tuesday. i am safe and will be diving tomorrow. Jade, i have a will you sit on my lap will get a kick out of it! Me and my damn midwestern naivety. When I return I will update it and it will all make sense. i have a young english bloke waiting on me and so I must conclude this for now.
Last night, I did the splits which I haven't done since high school. i didn't pull anything, but it could have been awful. We played a game called bite the box and it makes more sense with demonstrations.
I went on a hike this morning with the driver and it led to the lap story. Jade, have you e-mailed Dave lately? I tried to thank him and Erik for letting me take a leave of absence, but neither of them have responded. I might be jobless when I return.
The dorms take a bit to get used to. The beds are short and I had to sleep on the top bunk last night and the entire time, I kept envisioning me falling off and breaking something or other. Thankfully, it hasn't happened yet.
Yesterday we went river rafting and spent time in a school and a village. I had my first cup of Kava--yes, Andy, it tastes like a wet sock. The ceremony was nice and it felt as if we were part of something.
The school in the village was a primary school. We visited quite a few different classrooms and the children were pleasant, happy and paying attention to the organized chaos. They didn't have cell phones, ipods or act like complete bastards like in the States. It was refreshing and kinda scary. They have one computer and are trying to fundraise to bring in more technology to the school system.
My clothes are wet all of the time which is annoying to me. I am trying to not be so quick to feel uncomfortable since this will be my life for the next five months. One week down and off to better things...Take care and enjoy!


Jadey said...

I wanted to be the first the tell you that KU beat Nebraska 76 to 39-a freaking blowout. They scored 48 points in the first half, 11 touchdowns total!! I only got to watch the 1st quarter but I called dad to get updates.
Oregon beat the undefeated Arizona State 35 to 23!!! We had this freakshow ASU fan that was sitting right behind us for the last half of the game. Man I thought I was gonna kick his ass. He wouldn't shut up. Just kept talking crap throughtout the game. It was funny because with like 3 minutes to go they fumbled the ball and he got really quiet, real quick. To be honest I don't know why I cared what he was saying because we were winning throughout the game. Dennis Dixson got injured, but I don't think it was that bad.
Oh my god, Boston College just throw a interception with 1 minute left in the game. Florida scored and it is a 10 point game!!! I think that will put the Ducks at least ranked 3 in the nation!!!
My voice is gone again, it was gone before the game was over.
Well,I hope you enjoyed my commentary. I love you and will talk to you soon
PS The spagetti story cracked me up, unfortunatly I remember it vividly.

David said...

Hello my world traveler. Hope all is well. Sounds like you are having the time of your life! Yes I did get the email from Jadey. I have been talking with TJ Peabody from Craggy Range and it sounds like he will be around when you are in New Zealand. Just let me know when you plan to stop by. I will keep him in the loop of your travels. Go KU. I hope KU and the Ducks go undefeated this year, this would really screw up the BCS. I can't stand the BCS. Take care and I will talk to you soon.


Hailey said...

Hey Harm -

As Jade mentioned we slaughtered Nebraska which was a pleasure to see! 9-0 Baby! I will check the rankings today and let you know what we moved up to (as 2 teams ahead of us lost yesterday!).

We also won our first pre-season basketball game to Pitt State by quite a margin. It sounds like we are going to be really good this year...but as you know being in TX I have to wait for those nationally televised games to actually see them in person.

I'm glad that you are having such a good time. I can't wait to hear about your dives and what you were able to see in that area.

By the way - it's a BOY! I will e-mail you soon with new pics of Andrew.

Love you and anxiously awaiting your next update!


Shari said...

Hello Harmony,
Too bad about Nebraska...I was really rooting for them. I am such a big fan. Last time through Lincoln, Dean and Kim bought me a t-shirt. I guess Nebraska has a new coach so there are new team t-shirts printed in his honor. I got the t-shirt that says "got tom"
Oh ya, ya I don't know shit about football, but I know a good shirt when I see it.

We had the get together with my sisters last night. I found a white wine from New Zealand. Monkey Bay. It was crisp and fresh. I got cheese from Ireland, Denmark and of course Wisconsin. We had a nice toast to your continued great travels. We are having a good time trying to share the places that you are going. All of us would have rather been on a hot sandy beach, but had to settle for Monkey Bay wine. I did get a bottle of red Penfold Koonunga, but we are saving that for our next gathering. I will let you know how that taste. Connie had a really fine bottle of zinfandel, I had a sip and that was enough. I will bring her some other options. She did like the Monkey Bay.

How was the river rafting? Did you have some nice white water? Maybe that will be the next place I take the girls to go rafting.

Tom and I are heading to Iowa to meet Darrel and pick up the cow, Denver. We will be bringing him to Denver on Monday night. It's a very quick trip so I will not be able to visit anyone while in Denver. I will let you know how it was when I return on Tuesday night.

Take care,
Love Shari