Monday, November 26, 2007

Wellington take two

The computer situation in Nelson was dire and so I have been alone the last few days. Nelson was a little too touristy for me, or two many Americans in my case. I stayed at a clean hostel, but they charged me to print off my itinerary for the ferry. I wasn't too pleased about that since they wouldn't call and take care of it for me. Most of the hostels do the arrangements for traveling which I love. Plus, there were 4 germans in my room, two were dating and so they couldn't figure out that our room wasn't the most user friendly place for them to make out. I wanted to sleep/read since I woke up at 5 to depart for the north island. They were insistent on making out and talking german all freaking night.
WEllington is a great city. I arrived, made arrangements to head north and went to eat chocolate cake at Olives. They didn't have chocolate, but I ran into Amber, the girl I met in Christchurch which was pleasant. We exchanged e-mails and wished each other luck on our travels. She is relocating to Chicago to pursue a degree in massage and yoga. I always meet either chefs or healers. She reminds me of my friend, Melody, from Santa Fe.
I am bummed that KU lost, but it was bound to happen. How is the basketball faring? I know that they played my other favorite team this weekend and so I am curious to see how they fared.
I should be in Hawkes Bay tomorrow and haven't decided how long I will stay there. Of course, I am tempted by the wine and food factor.
TOday, I went to the museum in Wellington and it was fantastic and FREE. I loved that aspect of it.
I hope that you are all well. I don't have any bad bus stories today. My ferry ride was nice and I have been reading for sport. It is actually really nice not to be reliant on the phone or even a tv. I suppose that I will use my phone card at some point to check in.
I am glad that everyone has had a nice holiday weekend.

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