Tuesday, November 20, 2007

bike tour...

My bed and breakfast is awesome...i feel like a real tourist here. No backpacking or staying in a dorm...I feel like a real tourist. They have a hot tub and bikes that I have used. I went to 7 wineries today and it was great, a touch windy, but fun. I met several other travelers and I must say that I was enjoying myself the most. I found a place to eat for Thanksgiving and I purchased a bottle of wine to use for the hot tub. I am stoked. I hope that you enjoy my updated photos and it was a huge pain to do it and so it probably won't be too often that it is updated.
Tomorrow, or as I like to call it--Thanksgiving--I will get back on the bike, tour wineries and sit in the hot tub. Friday I leave for Christchuch unless I can convince this nice couple to adopt me so that I can stay here.


Anonymous said...

Harmony...your travels are sounding fantastic!
Flashpacking I must say...wine in a hot tub!very nice!
I bought a bottle of Oyster Bay sav blanc from the supermarket yesterday so Ill enjoy that later!
I must say..who is that lovely girl in that picture with the two hot english guys!?hehe...!
Miss you lots and keep living the dream!
x x x

Jadey said...

Harmony its so good to see pictures of you-I'm gonna cry. Today I was checking my voicemail and all of the sudden I heard your voice. I almost ran into a bridge!! It was the last call the Saturday you left, I had forgotten that I kept it on my phone. I miss you more than I could have even imagined it. This week has been absolute hell since hearing about my friends sons death. Once again I can't stop thinking losing someone else that I love. Just promise me that during your adventures you take extra caution in each step you take with Jadey in the back of your mind.
I liked the sarong, its short. Imagine that. Who's the kid in the picture on the mountain? It looks like your having the time of your life out there.
Michaela is supposed to bring the wine for dinner on Thursday. I hope she brings something good. I'm jealous of everyone sampling the wine of the places your visiting. I haven't had enough nights off to do that. And drinking before noon seems to raise red flags...
Have you tried any Reisling on my behalf??
I'm at work again having a really good night. Luckily I'm off for the next 5 days, the break is needed.
Enjoy the hot tub and wine--Happy Thanksgiving big sister

harmony said...

Louisa, I am glad that you enjoyed your photo...i liked it. The bed and breakfast is awesome, great hosts and they let me use their computer which was brilliant.
Jade, enjoy some wine and take care of yourself. The sarong is short since I was hiking and it was in the way.