Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Leaving Auckland...-

I decided to head out of auckland and see more of new zealand. When I arrive at my next destination, I will update you on my whereabouts/accomodations/food/etc. Although, I did have this fantastic ham and cheese breakfast croissant. Of course, I had coffee which was much improved here. They are already decorating for Christmas which seems strange. They have this massive Santa on one of the buildings near the hostel. It is scary!
Have a wonderful day. Oh, and I got rid of a book and so I have a little more space in my pack....i am working on it.


Robin said...

So, the Kiwi tour, what is that exactly?

harmony said...

A Kiwi Tour is the name of a tour company. Apparently, they call some people from New Zealand, Kiwis.