Tuesday, November 13, 2007


So, I leave Nadi, Fiji, at 8:45 am which means that I arrive at 6:30 am to deal with the airport and all. I think that i have to pay a departure fee and so I have kept $50 to take care of it. Only when I arrive at the airport, i get through to the main terminal and nobody hassles me about the tax. I still think about it up until 15 minutes before boarding. Then, I realize that I won't be paying for it and purchase some cocount oil/lotion for me. I will be sending a nice care package to Denver soon since I am sick of my back pack. I need to e-mail my friend that i have in mind, since I can't unload anything else on my aunt!
I arrive in New Zealand, breeze through customs, exchange $ and then determine that I should take a bus into the city since it is a $60 cab ride. I have no idea where I will be staying or even what the layout of Auckland is. I randomly get out near Queen Street and approach a hostel...I wil continue tomorrow...


Jadey said...

You are the bravest girl I know. I can't even fathom going into a foreign country without solid plans in place.

Thanks for outing my "pregnant-hormonal tendencies", with the dog. Having my crazed moments announced on-line is fun for me too!! Especially when I in fact personally know a lot of the people who follow this--again thank you. If I get a tidal wave of jokes, I will let you know.

The Ducks are ranked #2 in the nation. We play Arizona Thursday night. We are all psyched to watch the game. By the way Michaela, I have to work Thursday night in case drinking was on your mind.

I can't believe that your on to the next country already, it seems like you only left yesterday. Everybody is drinking wine these days, you'll have to suggest something that I might like. Harmony and I went around to wineries out here in Oregon and she laughed at my inability to enjoy many red wines. We had a good day though a lot of laughing.

I wanted to comment on something but I can't remember right now. I'm at work and keep getting interupted. Well have fun in New Zealand. I love you and can't wait to hear more from your adventures.
Love Jadey

harmony said...

Thanks, jade and thank you Kristin too. I meant to mention that I received your comment, too. I am glad that Michaela is sharing information with others...it is good to play with others, right?
Regarding wine...I still think you should go to one of the wine dinners in your area, Jade. Go with Michaela or one of your friends and have Tab be the chaperone. It will be a great way to enjoy wine, learn what you like and meet other people. I believe it networking!!!