Thursday, November 1, 2007

Dehydrated in Suva

Normally i drink a bunch of water; however, since I have been in Fiji, I haven't been as religious about it and it caught up with me today on our 4 hour trek. Of course, i had to lead or be in the front since I have this psychological thing about being in the back of a hiking group. I feel that I can't keep up and it tires me out. Nevertheless, we went on this excursion up a mountain , through a river and it was sunny and it rained. Did I mention the rainforest aspect of it? The trail was muddy and my favorite sandals took a beating. Everytime I would step down, my ankle will decide where it wanted to land. It was traumatic and scary. Anyways, after making it through the jungle in the front, we had lunch and then went tubing. Next, we jumped into a water fall and the entire day I was soaked wet--everything--and eventually we made it to Suva.
Along the way, I felt this horrible headache coming on and at first, I thought it was due to lack of sleep. As we drove along, I realized that I was dehydrated and as a prize for my bad behavior in taking care of myself, I was awarded with a full blown headache. I had some emergen C and took an alleve. I feel much better now.
I found this awesome internet cafe that is super cheap and i just want to hang out here all night. Also, i ate chicken curry where I was schooled on how to eat it. My friend, Arvin, the driver, told me to pick up the roti while it was hot and eat it with the curry in my hands. It feels unnatural to eat without silverware, but when in Fiji, do what they do, right?
Until tomorrow I hope that you are all glorious and prosperous in your lives! How was halloween? Any good treats?
Tomorrow I will be in Voli Voli where I will stay until Tuesday. I am doing laundry since i have soured some of my shirts which sucks since I actually like them and I will be going on two dives. Wish me luck.

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Shari said...

Hello Haromy,
I need to start keeping track of your phobias. Do they have wayside rests in Fiji?
What is roti? I sounds as if you have moved a little out of your comfort zone.

I have talked to most of my family and they are keeping up with you during your travels. Some are still pretty rusty and have not mastered the blogging yet. Darrel tried to set up an account and for some reason has not been successful. Jeannie ask if you knew how many times people log onto your blogpage. Needless to say she is enjoying reading your blog. I think we all have joined the ranks of Lamo as we check often to read your next adventure.
I have found humor in the carton bubbles that pop into my head after reading some of your blogs. I am sorry to be having a good time at your expense. Keep the stories coming and I am anxious to hear about Voli Voli. Where are you staying while in Voli. I am such a lamo that I have time to sit on the computer and look up your next destinations.

Happy Diving.
Love, Shari