Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wine Country

Wine country and I am loving it here. I haven't imbibed since I got here, but tomorrow, look out. I am in beautiful countryside and ample wineries. I opted to head south, check out wine country and then go to Christchurch. I will update later..


Ben said...

Heya Legs, sorry I missed you before you checked out, I just couldn't get out of bed yesterday morning :-P
Hope you have a good time in Napier! Good to see I got a mention in your blog, and a positive one at that ;-) Now lets see if I can add a comment without having a google account... (guess not... shesh, a bit of trouble to go through just to say hi...)

Robin said...

Harmony-Just a side note, if you conduct some research on those wineries (tasting for exapmple) and end up owning your own, we can deduct your expenses of this trip!! Just learned all about that in my Income Tax Class.

Robin said...

And another side note, I havent taken spelling yet!!

harmony said...

Yes, maybe one day I will own one...who knows. No worries on the spelling. Believe me, half of the time I just type and then look at my mistakes later.
Ben--hopefully you e-mailed so that I can write you back. Thanks again for showing me some of Auckland. How was your concert???

Hailey said...

Hey there!

It looks like New Zealand is treating you well! I'm glad you are having a great time and enjoying yourself.

A little football update for ya...I'm sure Jade is in mourning, however Oregon lost last night. So, keep your fingers crossed that we can beat Iowa State tomorrow and we should move up to #2. What a crazy ride we're on.

Also - we beat Washburn last night by about 30 points or so (Bball).

Well, I better run for now.
Talk to you soon!