Saturday, November 17, 2007

My blonde moment...

YEsterday, I had a few glasses of wine and felt pretty confident about the city of Wellington. I had found Cuba Street which I wanted to do. After my chips and salsa, I decided to head back to the hostel. I leave the restaurant and decide that if I turn off of Cuba, I should end up on the street which leads back to the hostel. I have no idea where I ended up. I walked around aimlessly, and ended up at the second location of the bus drop-off. I remembered the name of the hotel of the second stop and so I meandered until I found familiar sights. Eventually, I saw the signs for the railway station and knew that I was heading in the right direction.
Today I paid more attention to the city. I hiked up to Mount Victoria and enjoyed the beautiful veiw from there. I didn't make it to the museum. Instead, I found a cafe and enjoyed a decadent piece of chocolate cake. It was fantastic. I decided to take a day off since my ferry leaves at 8:25 am. It is pretty early for me.
I am heading to the south island tomorrow. I am hoping to enjoy my first glass of Sauvignon blanc by noon in the Marlborough region. Until then, no more blonde moments--i hope.


Pat and Ray said...

Hi Harmony,
It's your Aunt Pat (and Uncle Ray)............I'm loving the blog. I feel like I am traveling with you. What an adventure and an exciting experience! Remember when your travels consisted of coming to Omaha???? It sounds like you are doing a lot of reading. Have you read the book "Eat, Pray, Love"? If not, you should. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers for safe travels. Happy Thanksgiving!

harmony said...

Ray and Pat--
Thank you for you nice comments. I am glad that Dad and Dori passed on my information.
Yes, I am reading a bunch and I do have Eat, Pray, Love with me, but I don't want to read it yet. I started it and recognize now much I am going to enjoy it.
Are your kids coming home for Thanksgiving? I don't know what my dad is planning on doing. I think that Jade and Tabe are having it at their house this year.
Take care and thank you again!