Sunday, November 18, 2007

Blenheim, New Zealand

I crossed into the south island, the better one, according to many people. I jumped on a bus to Blenheim since this is the beginning of the wine country in Marlborough. They are known for their sauvignon blancs, reislings and pinot gris. I opted to stay at a hostel that was near the train station. Everything is typically convenient here. You arrive via train, bus or ferry and there is lodging information available and nearby. I knew that eventually I would stay in a shit hole and today is the day. I was tired of carrying my back pack and so I decided to stay here for a few nights. Plus, I was hungry, a little delirious and my judgment was off. I am staying in a mixed room with showers attached. I went to the book exchange and was further disheartened. Books here cost as much as a bottle of wine in a restaurant and so I have been surviving off of book exchange at hostels. I am almost out of options!
I went into Blenheim and found a cute cafe. I had a few glasses of sauvignon blanc and a cheese/fruit tray for lunch. It was awesome. I had to return to the hostel to sort out my tour tomorrow and when I returned two girls were singing Justin Timberlake's Sexy Back. They are tone death and extremely loud. Plus, two of my roommates haven't left. They are fixed in the room. I decided to e-mail and figure out my next stop. I might stop into Christchurch or head to Queensland. A lot of the hiking is in the air due to the weather situation. It is warmer here though.
EIther way, I will go on a wine tour tomorrow with olive oil as well. I thought about doing a bike tour since I figured it would be safe and healthy.
I can handle this for two nights...I am hoping. I might stay at a bed and breakfast next. I could use a little pampering and comfort!
Take care. I will let you know how the wine is and if I survived the night.


The Paulsen Family said...

I hope you survive your accomodations the next few days! Hopefully, you won't have to go through the torture of hearing Justin Timberlake songs for long. I am really enjoying reading about your adventure. Enjoy the wine and take care!

harmony said...

Thanks, are the kids? How old are they now? Wow, do i feel ancient!
It is great to hear from you and I am glad that you still have your sense of humor. Yes, eventually, the girls quit singing and I was able to read and focus on something else. I am on a wine tour today and I think I might stay in the area until Thanksgiving to really get familiar with it.
Take care--