Tuesday, November 20, 2007

the bike wine trails.....

Today, I am going to the luxorious bed and breakfast and then I am hiring a bike to go and tour the vineyards. This could prove a bit dangerous for the drivers since my sense of direction has been poor. I am excited to check out a few more wineries and get really acquainted with the area. Afterwards, I will be in Christchurch for a few days and then head back up north to Nelson, which is a hippie town. I can't wait. I think I will check out a few of the breweries and then make my way back up to Hawkes Bay and thoroughly scout out the red wines. I need red, not white. Really, it isn't that bad, but I prefer red.
I am searching for a thanksgiving meal and I hope I find one. The b & b has hot tub, which might be the substitute for my supper. I love spas and I feel heavenly at this point. Have a great day. It is sunny here and beautiful. Enjoy the wine and thanksgiving if I am unable to get to a computer tonight.

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