Wednesday, November 21, 2007


It is today for me and so I wanted to express how thankful I am in to be traveling and have the love and support of all of my friends and family. It has been a brilliant journey so far and I look forward to what the future holds.
I am trying to savor the present and I wish you the same. I keep saying that when i get back, I went Mexican food and Elways, which is true, but I will also want Thanksgiving dinner. I miss green been casserole, stuffing (Bryn's dads), mashers and gravy (my dad's) and I figure that I always get intoxicated on wine which I supply.
Today, I was good. I went to 9 wineries, but I mostly only tried red wine. Keep in mind, I am in a white district and so I sampled a little red wine along the way. And, I was biking which kept me in check and it was windy which made me exhausted and sweaty. I know that I look like a treat right now. Normally, I dress up but today I will only think back to Thanksgivings of past. When I was a child, my parents, sometimes, made us all wear the same dress. Real cute, you know. I hated wearing dresses and I wasn't too fond of church either. Of course, I suffered through it, dress and all. My cousins never wore the same outfit, I might add.
I rushed to Isabelle Winery since they closed at 4 and we called them at 4:15. I made it there in time to meet 4 other Americans from Denver. The younger guys actually had heard of the Bull and Bush and they live near it. I told them to come in and tell them they met me in New Zealand. So if this happens, it is true. I spoke, at length, to Andy. He invited me to Thanksgiving dinner, but I think I will lavish in hot tub.
Nevertheles....have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Drink lots of wine and enjoy each other. Jade, I have Michaela some wines to check out. See that she sticks to it. Also, I did try some reislings in your honor yesterday. I am still not sold; however, I did find a pinot gris that you would like today at Gibson Ranch. It is a new winery and quite fantastic!


Robin said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you Harmony! Hot tub sounds great for Thanksgiving dinner. Terry and I are headed south for dinner (in-laws) and Stef is going with her boyfriend to WI to meet his mom, shI she lives in Denver. I am sad she wont be with us or get to see her Dad, but it is important she meet Erik's mom. I plan to spend my day off cleaning and doing homework, I am not a shopper, especially the day after the holiday. I have never seen anything that prompts me to get out of bed at 5am and head to the store!! This term has really tired me out, I am either in class, at the photo lab or doing homework, so when I get to be home, I am in heaven. I decided on our two hour drive to dinner I would spend with my husband and not in a book, I will love that as he will to. I often forget about important things such as spending quality time with one another when I have so much homework. We got a dusting of snow last night, but I am anxiously waiting for the big dump, I need to get out on my skiis. I hope you have a wonderful day in the hottub and pampering yourself a bit.

Love you
Robin and Terry

harmony said...

Have a wonderful thanksgiving. I had a nice day and spent last night at an English Pub, hoping to get some mashed potatoes since turkey wasn't an option. I was surprised that the pub didn't offer Sheperd's Pie or Bangers and mashed potatoes. I had smoked chicken lasagna since my options were extremely limited. The owner of the bed and breakfast joined me since the other couple staying here, talk a lot. It was nice to have a meal and a pleasant conversation.
Tell Terry hello and definitely spend the day as you wish. I remember walking after dinner at your dad's house since we were so full and the day was nice. It is important to spend quality time with the people you love.
Take care--

Ladd said...

We're back in Denver in December. We'll let everyone at the Bull and Bush know that we ran into you!

Ladd and Andy!