Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I made it and now I am waiting to head to Craggy Range tomorrow. I have to rent a bike, ride it far and battle the wind. Sounds like fun, but it is necessary since I don't have a vehicle in New Zealand. I am looking forward to it though.
I am staying at a hostel which i wouldn't recommend to other people. Hastings is small. I found the only winery in town and had lunch there. All of the other wineries require effort on my part and so I waiting until tomorrow to handle it.
Last night was a bit rough for me. I spent a night in WEllington with 3 other people. In the scheme of things...not that many except that two of them, showed up late, blasted the lights, talked for 30 minutes and woke me up. It reminded me of sharing a room with Michaela when we were younger and I would fall asleep, innocently, and she would wake me up and then go to sleep. I used to hate being so gullible, but she did it frequently. Anyways, to make matters worse, one of the girls hacked all night. One them moaned all night and the other 0ne snored all night. I felt like I had an orchestra going that I wasn't paying for and didn't want. In the end, I woke up early and was a bit louder than usual. My busses tend to leave at 8 or before which makes for an early morning....

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Michaela said...

But I am sure that you missed out on them asking you if you would like any pizza hut! Ha Ha Ha
Nice inside joke remember?