Monday, November 19, 2007

the upcoming wine tour

I made it through the night, barely. There are two guys that are sick and they were hacking all night and I felt bad for them and wanted to say, please go blow your nose or do something. Anyways, I now have clean clothes and a day planned. I am going on a wine tour this afternoon and they also go to an olive oil farm. I am excited about that too. Yesterday, my cheese tray was awesome and i know how well olive oil would accentuate the taste of the food here. I think I am going to stay at either a winery or a nice bed and breakfast for a few days. I know that I should be doing this on the cheap, but really, when is the next time that I am going to be in New Zealand? And, I want to stay in a nice place on Thanksgiving. It will sorta remind me of home. The last few years, I have either went to Bryn's parents house for Thanksgiving or Tiffany's house. They are both fun and different. At Bryn's, it is all family and reminiscient of thanksgivings with my family. Of course, with my sisters, we always complain about who is cleaning up after the feast. At Tiffany's it is a mix of friends and co-workers. I never quite made it for dinner, but drinks afterwards were always fun. This year, I am hoping to meet people and have a fantastic meal.
I'll let you know how the wineries are.

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