Monday, November 19, 2007

does anyone remember Fifi's???

I suppose that one of my sisters, Jeremy, Hailey or Cory or Jean from Seattle would remember Fifi's in fond terms. My feelings are mixed, but I went to a place like it this evening for dinner.
I spent a nice day on the wine tour. Of couse, being picked up an hour late isn't nice, but I dealt with it. Apparently, they had the wrong place written down. Neverthesless...I went to Whitehaven to meet the others and realized that it was a microbrewery. Of course, I tried some of the beers, met the brewer and went about my own way. I did wait an hour and so I felt completely at ease when they came to find me. The brewery had a nice bourbon stout and a porter. I wasn't too fond of the american pale was flat. Gabe would never have put out a product like that.
We went to 5 different wineries and a chocolate shop. My favorite was an organic winery and they had a nice pinot noir. I am in an area where white wines rule and so I had my fair share of reislings and sauv blancs. Jade--I found a few wines that you would have enjoyed.
I returned to my personal hell--I mean, hostel--and decided to go to dinner. THere was one place, highly recommended, by the tour guides, publications, etc. and so I walked there. I had been by it a few times and so I decided to check it out. Right away, the concierge asked me what I was looking for and told me that I should look at the menu and find something suitable before she sat me. I found a few things, looked at the wine list and opted to sit at the bar. She poured me wine, which was bad (oxidized) and I ordered my meal. She offered to move me to a table and I agreed once the food arrived. I would have needed a high chair. After that, I was left completely alone. I felt like a homeless person. I was wearing my typical attire and then I looked around the place...the average person was 55+ and thought--why am i being hassled when I am the youngest person in here? The food was okay, early 90's at best. I was annoyed, but paid for meal and left. Bacchus in Blenheim is awful. Don't go there if you visit New Zealand. Really, don't. It thoroughly reminded me of working at Fifi's when I was in college. The owner didn't trust anyone and in its day, it was a grand establishment. WHen I worked there, it was on its way Bacchus....


Jadey said...

Sorry its been so long since I have left a comment. I've been very busy at work. I'm so pissed because the travel company I work for screwed up last night and I lost a shift. Normally a night off isn't bad, but I slept all day preparing for work. I tried to pick up at my regular job, but of course on the one night I want to work they didn't need me. So I ended up falling asleep until midnight and then couldn't sleep. I tried to watch TV, clean, and read, but I was very restless. So I crawled in bed and thought maybe I could just sleep. Yeah that didn't work so now I'm cranky and of course have to work tonight. Which will be on no sleep since I'm not tired yet. Missing a night shift really reaks havoc on the body when I get screwed up.
Now I get to fight with the travel company because it was their screw up and I'll be dammed if I don't get paid!!
So anyways, yes I remember Fifis. I liked there lobster alfredo pasta and there pesto. I remeber when you and I drove to Iowa for the 125th anniversary over the fourth of July. I was 18 and remember dad and Uncle Tim cracking up because I pulled the beer out of the trunk before 11am. I think they really enjoyed my smoking as well. Anyways the reason I brought that up is because I remember Fifi packing a picnic for us on the way. It was some kind of chicken sandwich with grapes in it. Remember grandma Rita freaking out because there was a dog in the house. Didn't Uncle Tim bring it??
Last week Michaela came over and she laughed about your blog. We rarely get to see each other anymore and she said she could keep better tabs on me reading the blog.
Tomorrow I beleive she's coming over with a overnight bag in anticipation of Thanksgiving. I'm bummed this year because mom and Michael aren't here. We had a lot of fun last year when they flew out for 2 weeks. Jeremy is going back to Kansas for a term to spend time with Dee around mid-December. I don't know what we are going to do with him gone. We love it when he comes over every week and now were screwed for X-mas. No one to make the gravy!! I'm gonna have to take a crash course from him on Thanksgiving.
Well it sounds like your enjoying New Zealand and wine country. Continue to enjoy tone-deaf idiots singing Justin Timberpuke. That cracked me up. Anyways, we love you and miss you. Happy Thanksgiving

Shari said...

Good Day,

I am here at work and trying to look busy. There is a strange phenomenon here in Wisconsin. All the male humans leave their homes and go to "Deer Camp". I really don't know what this mystical place is or why they spend 10 days there, but factories, stores and even some towns close down for these 10 days. So my boss, warehouse manager and grut loader are all adorned with blaze orange and in the happy pursuit of Bambi. Which leaves me to happily Blog about my day.

We will be sharing a bottle of Penfold for our Kellen x-mas. I have been looking up the Penfold Vineyards and it doesn't look like they have lodging. Penfold has two Vineyards. Each has a tasting area. The first is Migill Estates and it's located 15 Kilometers from Adelaide. The second is Barossa Valley which is 70 kilometers from Adelaide. Both are historic and I think that Magill Estate is the original. I will continue to do more research. Do you have any time frames planned for Australia? I think that Barossa area has around 50 vineyards to visit. You could spend months there. I will let you know what I find.

We are going to Dolores's for Thanksgiving. I am trying something new this year. Smoked salmon spread with fresh Lake Michigan salmon. I will let you know if anyone gets sick.

Hello Jade,
I have been thinking about you and hope that all is well. I will send you a note soon. Love you.

Take care and I will send more Penfold info as I find it. I hope to find a nice place for you to get pampered for a couple days.

Love, Shari

harmony said...

Thank you ladies...I wish that I were in the States for Thanksgiving, if only for the food. I mentioned to Bryn that i missed her dad's stuffing and she told me that he had thought about altering it this year. She told me that she would remind him how much everyone enjoys it, even me. Yes, I remember about the deer hunting and it isn't for me. I could spend a month checking out wineries, but no hunting.

harmony said...

Jade, try to sleep more, too