Friday, November 30, 2007


Rotorua is on fault lines and so there are many mineral pools in the area. I decided to stop here before going to Auckland in spite of the sulfur smell that envelopes the city. I like it, though. I arrived, arranged accomodations at a backpackers that is new and extremely clean. The guy said that he would try to keep it just me in the dorm room--which is amazing and nice. THe internet connection is fast and I am centrally located. I am either hiking tomorrow or checking out the city.
I had a blast with TJ and his crew from Craggy Range. He is quite the host, although, he did sneak out early in the night. Thinking back, I should have left shortly after him instead of continuing to drink red wine. Craggy Range is a beautiful, asthetically plesant winery. I got the VIP treatment and felt welcomed be everyone that I met there. We went to Diva for drinks and appetizers and then I was walked back to my backpackers, by Sam, one of the wine makers. The backpackers, itself, was not clean, but it was the only one in Havelock North and the manager let me borrow his bike with a styrofoam helmet since it is mandatory to wear helmets in New Zealand and he drove me out to Craggy Range. All in all, he probably saved me $50 which is huge in the traveling world. So, even though it was a dirty little establishment, I overlooked it since the man was nice and the showers were awesome. The bike had definitely seen better days, but it got me to where I needed to be.
I tried to watch some of the Cowboys/Packers game, but there were only 3 possibly establishments that I could view it from. The first one, had the most options, but the bartender wouldn't put it on if I was the only one watching it. I told her that she had been incredibly helpful and took off. THe next tv was taken by golf and the 3 rd place, couldn't get it, but was determined to give me updates via the internet. I decided to have a glass of wine since he went to so much trouble for me.
I hope that all is well and since I love the internet here, I might be more user friendly...I will end this with, one of my companions on the bus today was driving me crazy. I was reading and listening to my ipod--yes, it works again and I love it--and trying to not listen to this chick on her phone, spitting into it, singing and just being annoying in general. I look over, finally, and realize that she looks like the barracuda from Denver. I thought it was her and almost had fell out of my seat. Then, everything made sense--why I was so annoyed by her and why she was unable to just sit still.
Until later...


Connie said...

Harmony, you are so brave to try all these new and exciting adventures! I can't believe how many people you meet and all the things you do! You have done more in the past month than most people do in a lifetime. Amazing!
The girls had basketball games this morning, Kellen's team is undefeated and Hannah's team won their first game!! Hannah even made a basket! (Which is huge for her, she usually tries to avoid the ball.) We are now sitting at home watching the first SNOWSTORM of the season, Yuck!
I have two holiday parties this week, and we are having a wine exchange, any recommendations? I don't want to bring my favorite white zin.:), thought I'd branch out a bit!
Enjoy and stay safe,Love, Connie

Hi Harmony, Happy Holidays! Is there a time difference there? What is the weather like today? Have you tried any new kinds of food? Have a great time, Good bye, Love, Hannah :)

Hi Harmony, Flat Kellen loves vanilla ice cream, that way you can pile on the toppings! What is your favorite kind of ice cream?
I shared the post cards from you and Flat Kellen with my class, everybody liked them. Thanks. Bye. Sincerely, Kellen :)

harmony said...

Hello, girls...the weather here is awesome. It is summer on the southern hemisphere so i get to wear shorts year round--i love it. I used to play basketball when I was in grade school, but this was when they still had a mixed team. The following year, when I was in 4th grade, they decided to go only all girls league or all boys league but my coach from the previous year liked my work ethic and so I was the only girl on the boys team. It was fun and flattering to be the only girl. Keep me updated on how you both do.
I am so happy that the weather is hot here. I am loving life!
Regarding the wine--you might try either a Rose or a reisling, which is can be either sweet or moderately sweet and dry. There are some fantastic reislings from New Zealand in the Marlborough district. If you come across Gibson Bridge or Waihru River (i think) give it a try. The best way to learn is to experience and decide what you like and don't like. I think that reisling is the best way to move up from white zin. My sister, Jade, likes reislings too. Good luck and let me know how it works. Rose is semi sweet and a nice appetizer wine. It becoming popular in New Zealand and when I was in Napa last year, quite a few places had it. Or, you could always bring champagne and see how that works.