Sunday, November 11, 2007


This goes out to Margo Smart since I know that she has my blog address...she was one of the first people that I gave it to when I was uncertain of how people would respond. I think the photos definitely make a difference...anyways, Margo used to work with me at the Bull and Bush and she know is a furniture manager in Salt Lake City. We became friends through work, and she had met Brian briefly before. When he passed away, Margo let me be me with her since her mom had passed away and a few of friends, too. She understood my place and was a person that I could confide in as time went on. Her mom used to love the song, Xanadu, which she told me one day after I had played it before we opened at work. Now, when I hear it, I think of Margo and her mom. I heard it when I was on the scuba diving trip and i have been meaning to mention it. Like I said before, I have so much to say/think/reflect and then I get in front of the computer and forget what I wanted to talk about it.
Remember that I am a full day ahead of you and so that yes, November 12th, is Hailey Rochelle's birthday. Technically, it is the 12th in Fiji.
I ran into one of the Brits that i met on the islands. Sophie is a funny girl since everytime I see her she is complaining about bug bites or mooching off of people. She told me that when she arrived at Bounty Island, her backpack broke and they (the handlers) dropped it into the ocean. Apparently, they offered her a sarong and a promo t-shirt as a way of apology...This is something that could only happen to her. I laughed since it was funny but it is sad that she goes through life this way.
I sent off my postcards and I am hoping that reach you shortly. I sent one to Hannah and Kellen and one to Flat Kellen's class. Please let me know when they reach you. Of course, I sent one to Mackenzie, too. No worries, Jade, first and foremost, I want Mackenzie to have a desire to see the world.
Next time we chat, I should be in the land of the Kiwis...let's see how that experience goes. LOVE YOU ALL AND i HAVE LOVED fIJI!!!


Shari said...

Good Day,

I am sitting here at work (very busy) sipping a nice cup of tea and having a chat with you. How lovely. I hope my boss doesn't read this blog.

I had a brilliant idea. I haven't replaced your birthday gift and I have been struggling as to what to get you. I looked up the Craggy Range Vinyard that I think you will be visiting. It looks like a very nice place to visit, but you wouldn't want (me to get you a gift) to stay there. would rather stay at a beautiful, vinyard down the road a bit. I would like to make the arrangements for you to spend a lovely evening and pamper yourself a bit. I just can't afford the pampering that you would get at the Craggy Range. There are many, many options in the bay area where the Craggy Range is located.

And don't make me give you a life lesson...just say "thank you".

Here is the question, Do you want me to find a place, pictures can be deceiving, or do you want to find a lovely place and I will call them to pay for it. The Craggy Range is $350.oo New Zealand dollars a night. If you could find a lovely place for just a bit less I would love to buy you a nice evening.

We will talk soon. Keep my gift in mind and pamper yourself sometime. Maybe you would rather enjoy a nice massage. I could send money to your accountant if that is easier. Hello Jan.

Keep the peaceful feeling,

Love, Shari

The Paulsen Family said...


I am so glad Michaela sent me your blog address! I have really enjoyed getting to read all about your travels today. I will be looking forward to keeping up with you on your adventure. Yes, I plan on living vicariously through you on this trip! :)
Take care!

Robin said...

What is the story on "Flat Kellen"?

harmony said...

Don't worry about it...and thank you. i don't know when i will be leaving for Hawkes Bay, but when I do, i will let you know. I might check out one of the nearer wineries first and then make my way south.
Love you