Thursday, November 8, 2007

the essentials in Fiji

I have learned two things in Fiji that I cannot live without--sunblock and bug spray. It is insane here the amount of bites that I have acquired even with sunblock. I am so over it and so annoyed. There is a Brit that keeps complaining about her bites and I want to say--have you looked at anyone else lately? We are all in the same boat.
I went swimming today and it was amazing...warm water and clear. You don' t need a mask to snorkel since you can see everything from the surface. I also went on a hike and again almost fell down the mountain. Their idea of a trek differs from mine. Keep in mind that it has rained a lot and that the trails are slick and dangerous to my highly sensitive big sandals. I love my sandals and hate the thought of wrecking them in Fiji. I was hoping to get at least another 1 1/2 out of them!
More later...

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