Saturday, November 10, 2007

return to Nadi...

Nadi, and I am so happy to be shower (check), good food (check), airconditiong...I love it here.
I enjoyed the Yasawas immensely, but I enjoy a certain lifestyle too. I love a hot shower and today at the islands didn't take one since it was nonexistent. This morning they gave us cereal, which I sorta enjoyed, and bread with peanut butter. They definitely scored points on that one. Really, I could live on peanut butter, avocados, garlic and chips. I would be utterly happy! Anyways, I was patiently awaiting the ferry and enjoying the hammock. I thought about my life in general, the US and other countries. I met this girl, Lucy, last night who is from Nadi. We started talking and she asked me about my life in the States and if I still lived with my parents since I wasn't married. Of course, I was like--no, don't live with the folks and she said that they couldn't do that here unless they were widowed. I can't imagine living with my parents right now...I know that I would drive them crazy. I come home late, loud, and sometimes I am hungry which both of my sisters can attest too. Although, Michaela only stocks health food which isn't desirable to a wine induced state. Anyways, what i am trying to say is that I take things for granted as we all do. We have so many options in the states--food, dress, living, marriage or not--and we don't really appreciate it. We expect it since we don't know any other way. We went to a village last week where you could get married based on if the lemon lands in front of you or not. Can you imagine what life would be like? I can't.
Fiji is a beautiful country with immensely pleasant people. Everyone smiles and is friendly. It is contagious. I have also learned that many Europeans take holiday here. In Wayaleilei, I met 5 other Americans in one sitting, and was like--where did they all come from? In Fiji, there are many foreignors, but few Americans. I guess the 10 1/2 hours is too difficult to is serene, green and awesome. Truly, I think all of you should check it out!
Take care...enjoy Friday night and I will check this later. It has been an amazing day and a nice reflection. I have read tons of books, too.


Shari said... have brought happiness to my soul. After reading today's blog, I sat back in my chair and felt so peaceful. I don't feel as if you are thousands of miles away. This world is so small and you are teaching us that. I have an even greater desire to travel. I shall start planning my trip to Costa Rica.
Thank you for sharing this with us.

With much Love,

Unknown said...

I love reading your makes me feel closer to you when you are so far away. I love you and am so glad you are having a good time. Please know that I am always sending you good vibes.
Love you!

harmony said...

Thanks, girls...I appreciate the positive vibes and I glad to know that you do read this, Michaela...remember you are supposed to be in charge on keeping me in line, right? Although, Jadey is a great captain!