Monday, June 29, 2009

Attracting today....

Currently, attracting runners, coffee (always) and travelers. I know. I am repetitive.
Today, I read my Libra/Dragon horoscope--compliments of facebook--and it said that July brings the possibility of fire. It warns me to be wary of brushing up with fire and the end of the month has the highest potential for it. I think it is a little unreal. I enjoy reading my horoscope, but don't put too much stock in it. I read it, mostly, at work before the customers arrive. Typically, I am bored and trying to appear busy. My boss goes on weird detail oriented cleaning sprees when she sees people standing around. I understand the idea behind this, but she goes beyond the lean, you should clean concept. Leadership fails in this aspect.
The newspaper doesn't offer much outside of the horoscope, in my opinion. I am apathetic, in general, when it comes to reading the paper. I think the news is desensitized. I do not read it.
Nevertheless, fire is entering my life. It suggested that some unsavory, arrongant friend would also enter my life. Very bizarre and off base, I feel. Who is this mysterious person? Should I not talk to anyone that I don't know? Am I a child? Should I live in fear or censor myself?
I have thought about working on a coffee plantation before. How fun would that be to travel to Costa Rica and work for a few months for a coffee plantation? Shari and I visited one in Alajuela, Costa Rica. It is near San Jose and I led her through some of the city, instead of avoiding it. That could have been disastorous. Brian and I drove through the city in 2004 and it was hideous. Most of the streets are narrow, filled with pedestrians and chickens, and unlabeled. We made the mistake, twice, of trying to maneuver San Jose. Most guidebooks suggest steering clear of the city and I understand why.
The coffee was fantastic. I brought back a few pounds to share with my friends. I think I drank most of it, though.
Of course, working on a coffee plantation would be after my stint on a winery. That is my first love. Wine enables food, travel and excellent conversation. Plus, I have seen beautiful wineries around the world. I am drawn to South Africa and Napa. I guess I will continue to attract these things while running or contemplating life. Be well..

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