Saturday, June 27, 2009


Every Saturday, for the most part, is filled with running.
They ask us to arrive at 6:50 to sign in, stretch and share the mission statement.
This morning, I arrived at 6:47, said hello to a few girls that I know and continued to stretch. My calves are tight and so I am trying to fully stretch them out to prevent injury.
We are all standing around, as people continue to arrive. Finally, the coach begins speaking about training, fundraising opportunities and other random crap. All I can about is how much I want to go run. I want to begin since I know it is an hour and a half run today.
Yet, people keep talking.
They talk, and talk and talk.
I interject, at one point, to see where exactly we are running. I wanted to know if we could run outside of Wash Park since the Goddess and I had run around it on Tuesday morning and it didn't take an hour and a half. The coach says--we'll get to it.
This other lady gives us the Mission Statement. She's spoken before and so I knew that I would lose interest in what she was saying. I know that that sounds horrible, but she isn't a good speaker. She inspires me to daydream:)
Anyways, she starts off by talking about fundraising and what connections she made last year through her efforts. She ended with some mundane reasoning for why letter writing/e-mailing is effective.
I commented to the Goddess that I thought I was back in college since some people like to hear themselves speak. I didn't sign up for that in this training.
Finally, at 7:20, they tell us to go and that they will see us in an hour and a half.
Lindsay and I talk, most of the way, and I realize that I need to be patient in life. Sometimes, I have little tolerance for others...obviously. This woman, the speaker, has 7 kids and so she probably enjoys having an adult audience and it is important to her to run for people that have passed from Leukemia or Lymphoma. I need to display compassion, not judgment. I need to relax and enjoy life.
I feel that I do, but I could definitely work on patience. Patience is a virtue, right?

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