Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thoughts on training

Last night was on the verge of stifling.
I could not get comfortable enough, to sleep, or at least, rest. My mind raced all night and I knew that I needed to get up by 5 to stretch and head to meet Lindsay. I dreamt that she didn't meet me. Instead, she opted to go cycling.
For whatever reason, when I woke at 5:05, frantic, I thought she did cancel and then remembered it was a dream.
We laughed about it on our run.
Lindsay is natural runner. I think she cycles, sometimes, but it is obvious that she is a runner. I don't think she would ever choose to go biking over running.
I guess in some way, I was hoping that she would cancel so that I could sleep in or put off the run this morning. I am enjoying it and I feel more productive as a result of this in my life. I feel I get more accomplished since I am up and do not want to sit/lay after the run. We discussed that too, how easy it was run to go running and then sit. On Saturday, I ran with my group, went to Sloan's Lake with my aunt and she was speed walking--I didn't have it in me to go that fast--and later, walked to Cherry Creek to get groceries. I closed later and so the majority of my day was spent standing up or on my feet. I think I am recovering better, because of it. We will see.
I enjoy running with Lindsay since she is patient and supportive. When I feel the need to walk, she does. She encourages me to keep going, but isn't a drill sargent about it. I feel comfortable with her.
There is another girl, Jenny, and I think we are going to try to run together on Thursdays. She lives up north and so I know that we will have to alternate the meeting place to keep it fair. Running with Lindsay is great since we live 5 blocks from each other and can run to numerous parks.
It's still early and I look forward to discovering more about myself while running. So far, I like it and the aches aren't overwhelming. If this continues, it might be a marathon next year!

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