Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I want to be paid to travel.
I am putting it out there.
Please, Universe, make it happen.
I really want to do it.
I love meeting people, talking about food, travel and wine.
I enjoy bartending, too, but feel there is more out there for me to discover.
I suppose if I say it all of the time, maybe I can make it happen! Or, I just like this area or repetitiveness.

Today, is a good day. I finally tackled my thank-you card list. I need to write more, but feel that I am repeating myself redundantly. I need more inspiration or a break from it. I suppose yoga is the way.

Although, I went to yoga on Monday and was checked out of it. Normally, I love yoga, but lately, I feel more aware of the poses and fact that I know the flow too well. I wish they would change it up or create something to be inspired about. Plus, my instructor played the Chipmunks, twice. It isn't motivational to me or even cute. I am not a 3 yr-old.
I like listening to rap when we do ab work, not the chipmunks or Electric Avenue, which another instructor prefers. I want something fast-paced and with an interesting beat. Afterwards, I asked a girl in the locker room about it. She replied--the entire selection of music was terrible, today. I concur.
I know it is yoga and I know that some people love, love, love their own selection of music. I wish there was a way to comment, anonymously on some of the instructor's choices. They all differ and I find myself gravitating to some instructors because of their music during the class. There is one instructor that I don't really like her flow, but I like the music and so I deal with it. Funny what I will sacrifice/endure for music.

So, yes, today is good day. I feel fantastic in my life and look forward to more traveling...


scarlethue said...

That would be a pretty awesome gig wouldn't it?

Chipmunks during yoga? That's insane! It seems like you'd want something inspirational or meditative or at least with a beat, but not the chipmunks.

harmony said...

No kidding, it would be awesome:)
Yes the song selection was awful with the chipmunks. Today, was better, all around.
My teacher played Sade~very relaxing and inspiring. Have a great day..