Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hoping to travel....ASAP...

Really bored.
I know that I could do laundry. I could tackle the thank you cards that I need to write. I could clean my house. I could make another to-do list. Options.
Reflective, yes, insightful, somewhat, wanting another trip--NOW.
I think I am restless and travel is always stimulating and fun. Even just heading to Kansas was amazing. It was nice to see old friends and meet new people. I enjoy traveling entirely too much.
I wish that I would have had more time to explore the restaurant scene. I ate at a cajun restaurant with my dad and Dori. It was good. I had blackened chicken with dirty rice. I couldn't decide between red beans and rice, jambalaya or the blackened chicken. I wanted to go to Kansas City, but we didn't have time. I want to check out Restaurant Thomas, again, or find some bbq. Ironically, I have never had much bbq in KC. I worked on the Plaza for 8 months, but didn't do much eating outside of the restaurant I worked at.
In Lawrence, I had dinner with my friend, Robert, at Genovese. It was new and I preferred somewhere within walking distance. We considered Teller's but I have never been a fan of the cuisine. I like the atmosphere, but felt the food lacked. Genovese was a nice addition to Mass Street.
Dinner with Carol on Friday was pleasant. I left after 3 hours, but could have stayed there, all night, catching up. She has always been a calming presence in my life.
I have a friend that is opening a restaurant in KC, across the street from the Bluebird Cafe. I hope to return to check it out. I knew Rick from Free State and one of his partners, was my landlord in Phoenix. It is a small world.
Nevertheless, tonight, I looked into heading to Portland to see my sisters, but the price is not right. I would love to see Emery, my new nephew and spend time with the rest of the family. Plus, there are wineries near there that I could check out.
Or, it is fairly cheap to fly to Salt Lake. I know that I could go running with Margo, drink wine, and catch up.
I always enjoy San Francisco and that is an option.
I wouldn't mind going somewhere new. I figure that I will go to Washington D.C. in the fall. My friends, Mark and Megan will live there, Cotten is near there and Mitch is there. I spent a few hours with Mitch on Friday and it was fun. We were up, super late, but I recognized that I could have talked all night. It was an insightful conversation.
I feel this reconnection year will continue. Plus, I hope to check out more restaurants in new cities. Any suggestions?


Hailey said...

As always you are more than welcome to come to Texas! We love us some Harmony!

harmony said...

Thanks, Hailey. I looked into, actually. I might. I would love to see you and Cory and meet your boys. Do you have family coming in July or are you heading somewhere?